10 Blog Marketing Tools

10 Blog Marketing Tools

Promotion given to blog marketing is devastating in many bloggers around. Blog marketing is not a rocket science and can be easily achieved, provided you work with the right set of tools. There is nothing different for blog marketing content marketing, because content is king and is the focal point of any blog on the web.


In return content marketing facilitates your blog to come in the eye of thousands of people and your goal is achieved! I can now find it very simple, when in the real case, you need to input your dedication, time and some money (based on that level) at the end.

Why do you need blog marketing tools?

If you ask why I need to market my content, then I have a point in logic, if I break high quality and pieces of Shakespeare-IQ content on a regular basis? ‘Make it, they will come’ approach does not work a lot in real life, trust me.

To listen to this crowded web market, you need to shout your voice online. These tools will work as a medium to reach your target audience. These blog marketing tools will make your blogging life an easy and enjoyable one. What does it mean to create terrific content on a regular basis and find no viewer for it.

The only blog marketing tool you’ll ever want


Buffer is a device for which no explanation or introduction is required. If you want to ignore this tool in the process of your blog marketing, then you are missing out on a pretty powerful tool. Extend your content with it and schedule your content in various social media outlets. Arrange the process of delivering your content efficiently and at your chosen time.

Facebook promoted posts

Have you got some money to spend on getting some extra eyes on your content? May be the solution for Facebook for you. Facebook advertising can increase the reach of its blog posts by making it available to the people of the target network in Newsfeed. This is a pay-for-post system, with which you can reach both fans and non-fans.


To promote your post on Twitter, TowerId is the most innovative Twitter tool. Post and updates are usually lost on Twitter, after its constant updates. But what if you can post your updates during the time of maximum user activity? This is where the towerionode comes in the game. Tweriod sets the best time to publish your updates on Twitter with comprehensive reports and automatic scheduling of posts. This is a free tool to assess accounts with up to 1,000 followers for users with more followers, you can go premium.

Aweber / Maillchimp

Both Aweber and Mailchimp are the same in their operations, one of the best email marketing tools that are widely used and promoted by the industry’s best. These services will fuel the new readers in your mailing list. Building a powerful blog / business is essential to create a mailing list.


Dlvr.it is a great platform that allows people to install their important content and distribute it in various social media profiles. This tool makes you more efficient and productive in your undertakings. Dlvr.it also syncs your content, your RSS feed and your social media accounts simultaneously.


Hootsuit does not require any introduction and is a big player in the field of social media marketing. Hootsuit is a well-known destination for extensive marketing campaigns. Hootsuit also allows scheduling of your content on a wide range of social media services. Hootsuite is the best tool for managing conversations with your fans and followers.

Blog Engage

Blog Engage is the best tool for bloggers. Blog engage allow you to do a ton of tasks in your work, including connecting with other minded bloggers, increasing access to your blog, or using social media syndication platforms. Drive real blog traffic and increase your customer list using the blog attachments.


Triberr allows you to join the tribes of bloggers of your niche. Once you get involved in a tribe, your content goes into a network of hundreds or thousands of trailers in an example. The biggest advantage of the Triberr is that it includes thousands of influential people and bloggers in social media. These people are highly likely to share and comment on your content, provided it is remarkable.

Viral Content Buzz

Viral Content Buzz promotes you in social sharing for your blog. It’s easy to get likes, tweets, pin and many more

Google Analytics

Google Adwords and Analytics need no introduction to bloggers around. These are the best tools around by none other than the search engine giant. Get complete analysis of your audience and target audience with adwords using targeted keywords.


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