10 Tips to Increase Your Sales Page Conversion

10 Tips to Increase Your Sales Page Conversion


If you’re selling something online, then you have to pay attention to your sales page’s conversion rate. The rate of conversion can be deeply different and totally unpredictable. A percentage increase in the conversion rate can be different from losing money or making profits.

What is Conversion Rate?

Analytical Canvas-Ad on
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 The online marketing conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who take the expected action. For example: make a purchase or click on an ad.

You can think of the conversion to put traffic into a funnel. Where they are filtered at different levels and the remaining part changes in the end. Generally a large part of the traffic is left after the sale after leaving the ground. The most part of the rest of the traffic is left on the sales page. When they see that it is not according to their requirement. They can search with other sites. Want to compare or compare the price, the remaining part will have such customers.

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Sales Page Conversion Tips – 

 It’s a good idea that you can customize with keywords related to the product produced on your sales page. In this way traffic is taking you to your sales page, the traffic for that product is targeted which you are selling. In return, a high concentrated pool of customers will take the “with the brain set on the purchase”.

The following tips on different sales page elements should increase the conversion of your sales page:

1. Title  – 

Headlines are an important step in getting traffic in your posts. The title is that catches the visitor’s attention and pulls them into reading and reading posts. There is a high chance of attracting the audience’s attention at the beginning of the title.  Titles like “How To …”, “Wise …”, “Top 10”, “Most Popular”.

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2. Fonts – 

The font on your sales page is very important. Always use a font that is easy to read and fit the design of your sales page. Here are some examples of good sales pages for you –




Font size should be between 12-14pt, so the font size is neither large nor easy to read.

3. Image – 

You can use pictures related to products that you are selling on your sales page.  in this way customers are not confused with it. Your sales page will appear more professional and reliable. It also creates trust with your visitor. They are more likely to buy the product (s) you are trying to sell the product.

4. Targeted Traffic – 

Traffic-How to Get Search Engine Traffic
Traffic-How to Get Search Engine Traffic

Getting more traffic is always good for a website. Because it’s a high chance that this traffic will buy your product. But you can not just bring any traffic to your site. Putting non-targeted traffic to your site is simply a waste of your server bandwidth. Because this traffic is not interested in purchasing your product (s). You really want to focus on bringing that targeted traffic, which is your problem Is looking to solve

5. Appreciation Letter –

Consumers believe in others that a customer testimonial is a powerful form of support, rather than being a business owner’s promotion. If you have a customer testimonial, include them on your sales page.

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6. Purchase Button – 

Research has shown that the use of the large “purchase” button is one of the most proven ways to increase the sales page conversion rate, this is the reason that “Belcher Button” is the most used button for sale. The creator of this button by Peri Belcher tested every design element of the button in more than 10,000 transactions, and the conversion rate increased from 35% to 320%.

7. Price – 

Research has shown that after the decimal after the 5 or 9 ends, using the value increases the conversion rate (I do not know why). For example: The following three zodiac signals are all equivalent, but more conversion with 1 and the other is estimated:• $ 19.95• $ 19.99• $ 20.00

8. Product Details – 

You can provide a detailed description of the product in which it can be useful for the user and how it can be that the customer is the solution to the problem. The sales page should be deemed to be a good way to write text, so that the visitor reads about the product, he is fully convinced that the product is what he is looking for.

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9. Focus –

The sales page should focus solely on the product that you are trying to sell to the user. Not including any inflated material is a good idea, which can lead to deviation. For example: You are trying to sell ebooks and your sales page contains information about why your ebook will be useful to the user. Now, while the visitors are reading, they can easily get distracted if they see an advertisement / image banner on the sidebar.

 10. Limited Time Offer– 

One of the most widely used offers strategies on the sales page is that how much quantity is left for you to sell for that product, in this way, you can fear that you can run away. And if the items wait too long then they will remember to buy items. This helps in converting customers who like to sit on the shore. You can also offer a limited discount coupon.

If you can include some or all elements on your sales page, you are forced to see an increase in sales conversions. Please note to share your tips in the comments field below.

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