10 Useful Tips and Tricks for Evernote Users

10 Useful Tips and Tricks for Evernote Users

To get more profit from this very powerful and useful tool called Evernote, here you should be given a list of 10 Evernote tips and tricks.

Tricks for Evernote Users
Tricks for Evernote Users

Evernote is an ideal tool for capturing your thoughts, to-dos, webpage clips, scanned images, and everything else.

It takes time to understand the usefulness of this powerful software, but once you’ve hung it, you will find it hard to manage your digital life without Evernote.

I’ve been using Evernote extensively for almost 2 years and practically stores everything from web pages to reminder until the reminder.

And since Evernote may be integrated because all popular apps – Dropbox, Google Drive and Google Calendar to nominate some web services such as IFTTT or Zapier, which makes it even more useful

10 Evernote Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the best features of Evernote, most of which may not be known. And if you’re wondering if anyone would like Evernote to serve Gmail as a similar storehouse, then these little things will convince you to take action.

  1. Password-Protect Sensitive Text

Although it is not possible to encrypt an entire note inside Evernote, you can select text inside individual notes and secure sensitive bits with your password.

Password Protection-Tricks for Evernote Users
Password Protection-Tricks for Evernote Users

Evernote supports 2-factor authentication, so for someone to log in to your account it will be really difficult, but with encryption, you will get an extra layer of security.

  1. Create a Clock Folder

People use Evernote to be required to store scanned receipts, PDF Manuals, cooking dishes, travel tickets and other documents.

Clock-Desktop Gadgets
Clock-Desktop Gadgets

Instead of manually importing these documents into Evernote, you can create a “watch” folder on your computer, and any file you drop inside this folder will automatically appear in your Evernote. Although this is a Windows feature.

  1. Stay Local

Evernote’s USP is an immediate sync. You make a note on your Android phone and it will appear on your computer and the iPad.

If you want to create notes that are only on your computer and do not sync to your other devices, you can create a local notebook. Notes and files inside this notebook will not be uploaded to the Evernote server and you will not be able to convert it to a synchnornized notebook later on any time.

  1. Create Shortcuts for Notes

If you open a note, you need to launch the Evernote application, search for the note and then double-click to open it.

Facebook-Keyboard Shortcuts
Facebook-Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s time consuming but what you can do is make use of the Apple script on the Mac to create shortcuts for those notes that you use often and keep them on the desktop.

  1. Find Text Inside Images

Like Google Drive, Evernote supports OCR and lets you search text inside images and even handwritten notes.

For example, you can use the phone camera to snap the restaurant menu and forward the photos to your Evernote.

Text Inside Image
Text Inside Image

The next time you want to order “okara masala”, you can search only in Evernote and it will show all the restaurant menu where the dish is available.

  1. Use Nested Tags

You are using tags in notes related to group in Evernote, but did you know that this tool also supports nested tags like labels in Gmail.

Open the tag list in Evernote and leave one tag to the other to set the pre as a sub-tag. This tag makes the organization easy and you do not have to create separate notebooks for everything.

  1. Advanced Evernote Search

Evernote supports various advanced search operators to help find the exact information you are looking for. some examples:

  1. Use the source to find saved notes via Web Clipper: web.clip <keyword (s)>.
  2. Created in order to see the notes made in the last 2 days: Use day-2. Or told: Week added for this week’s notes.
  3. Use the source: Mobile. * A list of notes made using the Evernote mobile app

          8Bulk Forwarded Emails for Evernote

Your Evernote account has a dedicated email address and any messages forwarded to this address will become a note in your default notebook.

email Messages
email Messages

If you have a bunch of messages in Gmail that you want to store in Evernote, then use Auto-Forward Script – just create a label in Gmail named Eranot and automatically load any mail with this label on Evernote To be sent.

  1. Change Your Email to a Reminder

Evernote is not just a tool for email archiving but a single workflow can be used to create quick reminders from your mailbox.

Write a new message, or forward an existing one, and insert an exclamation mark after that topic when you want to remind it and send it to your Evernote address.

  1. Edit Attachment Live

Evernote supports Live Updates and is therefore more convenient than storing file attachments in email. Let me explain.

If you have attached a PDF file to a note, you can double-click the attachment to edit the PDF and save. The file will be automatically updated in your note as well.


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