How Can Comments Help You to Get 1,000 Subscribers?

How Can Comments Help You to Get 1,000 Subscribers?

When you start a new blog, your first goal is to get new readers, traffic and customers.

How Can Comments Help You to Get 1,000 Subscribers?
How Can Comments Help You to Get 1,000 Subscribers?

First of all, I always recommend starting with getting more customers because they turn into return visitors and increase the trust value of your domain.

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However, this is a daunting task for a new blog, and in this post, I will share a tip that can be very useful for getting targeted traffic for you, and with your quality content, you are the most important can change.

Tip: To keep track of all updates in real-time, follow the top bloggers and social media person on Twitter.

So how can the comments help you increase your blog to the next level?

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Strategy is simple, you have to leave half an hour in the day for comment.

Select some major websites in your niche. Make sure that the target user is the same as you. Now I hope you keep track of all the feeds using feed-monsters. If you do, then I hope you will manage a folder like me or better.

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The approach is to create different folders on your feed reader for different types of blogs, which you are targeting to comment on and receive customers. It is better that all blogs should be in one place. For example, I have blogging and technology, so I’ll create folders for one place and usually my folders are:

  • Popular Blogging Blog
  • Blogging Blog Using the Top Commenter Plugin
  • Dofollow blog comments on blogging niche

Now, commenting on the popular blogging blog will help me to get good traffic and if the content on my blog is attractive and interesting, then I can expect good conversions.

The second and fourth types in the above list will give me SEO benefits and backlinks will be high quality release backlinks and commentary Love Plugin enabled blog will help me display my latest article, which will give it more exposure. A good article title will move to get more CTR.

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Now let’s have at least 30 minutes of extra day for comments on these blog updates. Make sure you add a price instead of a nice like ?? Thank you If you keep track of blog updates using Twitter, you may be lucky to be the first person to comment. The first commentator will always get more traffic and thus their comments will be more beneficial.

Let’s say that you are the first person to comment on problogger or gigaom, and on the first day you get 10 hits from problogger, the next day it goes down to 5 and gradually it decreases. But it will continue to provide traffic in a while. Suppose you do such 10 comments in one day.

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Now let’s do a simple calculation for a day.

Of the 10 comments strategy, 6 work for you (worst scenario scenario).

  • On the first day you will get 6 * 10 = 60 visitors
  • The second day 4 * 10 = 40 visitors.

So you are getting 100 visitors from your specific sites within two days. Now show them your best content, using the landing page strategy is the best way.

So if you are successfully transitioning 50% of such visitors to your loyal visitors, you will get 50 RSS subscribers within a day.

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The worst case scenario, if you are a new blogger and not much content, but if you are successful in capturing 5 RSS subscribers with this strategy, is it better to spend an hour on writing content?

There are many other factors that will help you and they are:

  • Your blog topic
  • Key Feed Button
  • The ease of navigation
  • Apart from the most important good and quality content.

Work on strategy and share your strategy to increase the number of feed subscribers?

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