Post Panda-Penguin SEO Strategy for Blogger

Post Panda-Penguin SEO Strategy for Blogger

In year 2011, when Google pandas rolled up, many bloggers expected that this would be just another Google algorithm change, but honestly it gave a big time to the blogging industry.

Every professional blogger has to work on his strategies again.

One thing that people have talked about after the Panda update, SEO is not relevant and now it’s dead and believe it is never dead, and it will never happen.

SEO is basically a set of quality guidelines and rules for a website, and a webpage must follow to meet the Google SEO guidelines.

What’s SEO In These Posts Panda World:

 Prior to 2011, SEO and domain prices used to be an important factor, but it was never used as a ranking factor for the full domain. After the Panda update, many things changed and one of them was a domain level fines.

Previously, some shallow and low quality pages only affect particular posts and do not complete the domain, but post now has changed into Panda SEO World (now Post Penguin).

Some low quality posts on your pages can affect full domain ranking and you will not see any traffic on your recent posts and the traffic will be back. Instead of thinking Google to fix your site, you should think about what you did what you did wrong, which affected your site.

Panda SEO Strategies Post:

I am not including basic SEO steps which you should do, because I expect you to take care of all basic SEO optimization tips. I tried linking to the most relevant post to get things, but if you still have any questions, feel free to ask through the comments.

Quality of content:

I have to start with the origin of SEO and this is your quality content. If you are writing a post that is not very useful, then does not cover all the information and it does not have the right keywords, related keywords and so on, it is likely that your content can not be viewed as quality content.

It’s an easy way, just search for your target keyword and see if your post has more value than the existing posts on the web. If not, it’s time to cover all the missing points and make your content useful.

I know that many of your people can hate SEO and think it worthless, but after Panda World you need to develop a proper content generation strategy. Keyword research should be an essential part of it.

You can initially use mind map tools and SEMRUSh can create a list of keywords that are related to your domain, and then work on it. Keep in mind, this is not only about good content, but it should be good material.

Needless to say, the on-page SEO optimization is key to the roles and ensure that your content contains LSI words. If you are using WordPress, you should start using the Keyword Optimization plugin, like EasyWPSEO, which not only show LSI terms, but also shows content readability.

Also keep in mind the other factors such as typos, grammar and reading levels (readability), which also affect the rankings of pages and domains.

Another tip I can give you is starting with video blogging and trying to add video or slides to your post, which will make it more meaningful and useful.

To be more socialized:

Google Plus-Your World is the best sign that you should get directly from Google about getting more social. Now there are tons of websites and it is always a good idea to mention it on social media sites.

But with my experience, I’ve seen more socializing on Google plus, Twitter, Digg, Delicious and Facebook, this will help you more. Of all these, Google Plus is one such thing that will greatly affect your search engine placement.

In particular, if you are getting hundreds of Google Plus, you can imagine what will happen to your post in a social group.

Site SEO Structure:

Before we know more pages in Google, it’s better that this is for us. But considering the SEO Post Panda, it is important that only significant pages of your blog are indexed. Take your pages into supplemental results. Instead of using Robots.txt, I would suggest that use the noindex tag. Try to keep only those pages indexed, which is actually the readers like.

Add the appropriate meta title, description and also keep in mind the site navigation and structure. Have all the important links in your navigation bar, which will also assist you in the Google Site link for important pages of your site.

Also follow all traditional SEO suggestions like submitting Sitemaps, add robots.txt and so on.

Outbound links:

 We have already discussed the importance of the outbound link and I am constantly talking about it. I have already given an example of a bad outbound link in my previous post on blog comments.

When you are linking relevant and useful pages to your blog posts, it increases the quality of your page and is seen as a valuable page than SEO’s perspective.

Apart from this, connecting outbound links with useful pages from a reader’s perspective helps a lot. If you are not so experienced with it, try using the Zemanta plugin.

Make your site social

Your strategy is not just about getting social media shares, but also to make your site social. For example, keep your site’s presence everywhere: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and any other social media site that is relevant to your niche.

For example, a fashion, health and Facebook can target a site like Blogger, Pinterest. Add relevant widgets to your site and newbies, here are some guides you can refer to get started.

Quality Link Building Over Backlink:

 Google recently pulled down all the private blog networks and outbound links. If you are new to the private blog network, in simple words, a person / company creates 100 or more blogs at different places and starts linking which eventually ends up creating a link farm.

You pay more attention to the quality of backlinks. When you are getting natural backlinks from the relevant domain, it is always a good and best link.

As I mentioned above, quality content is the best weapon that you have for Panda SEO and good quality will help you to get quality links on your site. Needless to say, social media share is also a big boost for your ranking.

Note on your Analytics:

Google ranking factors depend on many metrics, and Google Analytics or any other web statistics program is meant to help and analyze your pages. Pages that are not performing well, you can always edit it and optimize for better performance.

Keep an eye on pages that have high bounce rates, low AVGs. Time on page and high exit rate. Use content strategy and develop related content related to it.

Duplicate Content Strategies:

Google is very strict about duplicate content and I found a little dumb on handling duplicate content from the actual blog and duplicate paste blog. My suggestion is to follow a strategy that will help you fight those auto rss blogs.

Here are some things I should do and you should do this: Use the RSS footer plugin and keep your feed partially. Also, integrate the TYNT script which is going to be really helpful in getting a free back-link from people who copy text, images or a part of a long sentence on your blog.

Well, not all of this, but start looking at all the factors Google has recently implemented for example: Page Layout Algo, Page Speed ​​Algo, Private Blog Network and so on.

The traditional SEO of your site remains the same, but now the quality of your domain is quality as well as quality in all domains.

Honestly, it is impossible to complete all the tactics in a single post, but I have tried to identify all the important factors for SEO Post Panda, which everyone should start thinking about.

I’ll be updating the new Panda SEO strategies and changes, which should beat Panda to bring you to your blog. You can subscribe to my email newsletter for immediat

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