15 Growth Hacking Tools Every Growth Hacker Must Have

15 Growth Hacking Tools Every Growth Hacker Must Have

What is really about growth hacking and why should not you ignore it, there has been a lot of talk about it? Growth Hacking Tools. These developments are fundamental for hackers who take serious interest in developing startups. It does not matter how fundamental these tools have become in the life of development tools hackers; establishing an analytics tool without understanding the purpose behind it will be nothing more than waste of your time! Therefore, I recommend that you get acquainted with yourself by applying development hacking techniques in your online life and subscribe to get the best information about these best growth hacking blogs.

Growth Hacking Tools
Growth Hacking Tools

15 Essential Growth Hacking Tools

Before jumping on tools, knowing more about growth hacking is because operating on the tools will give you more insights rather than just shooting random numbers. So, assuming that your mind about growth hacking is clear, without any further, I bring you the Top 15 Growth Hacking Tool here.

User feedback / survey

  1. User Testing –

Get immediate feedback from your customers within one hour. User testing lets you set up various tasks that your customers are required to do, which provide user satisfaction information. You get written and video reviews from your valued customers and improve your conversation with them.

Price starts from $ 49 / video

  1. Type Form –

Type Form is one of the most intuitive user feedback services I have ever crossed! Type forms let you design beautiful surveys with your branding and are also mobile-ready.

Pricing: Free and Premium Plans

3.Survey Monkey

Create Surplus Surveys using Survey Monkey. This is a very powerful tool irrelevant to fit your product / market.

Pricing: Free up to 100 responses.

A / B test

  1. Unbounce –

Unbounce is a no-nonsense marketing tool for building effective landing pages. Even if you are a non-developer, Unbounce is the perfect tool to create landing pages for you to convert.

Pricing: 30-day free trial. $ 49 / month

  1. Optimmizely

To deploy immediate changes with your intuitive engagement test in your landing pages. This makes it easy to start testing on your landing pages on A / B and works for a better lead landing page. Pricing: 30-day free trial. $ 17 / month later.

  1. KissMetrics

Their Landing Pages Say It All! KissMetrics is the best tool to figure out why your users are not changing in lead. KissMetrics is about those who create and break a brand. Learn more about the activities of your users on your site, and find out where traffic drops and fixes those flaws. Pricing: $ 150 / month

  1. Google Analytics –

Google Analytics is a free tool by Google that does not require any introduction. Most people with online web presence use this service, but still do not miss this list.

Pricing: Free

  1. Mix Panel –

The mix panel is an event based analytics framework. The support of the mix panel has a good reputation with the boys being easily available on Skype for quick conversations.

Pricing: Free up to 15,000 data points Basic plans from $ 150 / month

User retention and analysis

  1. Bounce Exchange –

Bounce Exchange is the best user retention service there. Bounce Exchange uses inseparable JavaScript receptors to determine the mouse visitors to determine whether a visitor is going to go or not.

Pricing: The price varies according to the monthly pageview.

  1. Crazy Eggs –

Crazy eggs have everything about customer experience. Once they visit your site, they should know the behavior of their audience so that they can understand the hotspots they click and return to the A / B test on the board. Crazy eggs are about heatmaps, scrollmaps and overlays.

Pricing: Free Trial. Basic plan from $ 9 / month

Email optimization

  1. MailChimp –

Mailchimp is the best in what they do, and they do not need a special introduction.

Pricing: Free up to 12,000 emails / month

  1. Intercom.io –

Intercom.io is one of the unique development hacking tools I’ve ever crossed! Intercom.io is basically an in-in-one tool to organize your helpdesk, email marketing and customer engagement. This service will be filled to fill you with reports and statistics.

Pricing: Free up to 250 active users. $ 49 / month

  1. Send with Us –

Send with us basically email marketing and A / B EMENT and ANALITICS tools to figure out whether a brand has been mentioned recently on various blogs, social media sites, magazines, bookmarking sites, etc. Picture: Free

  1. Social Mention 


Social Mention is a measurement and analytics tool to find out if a brand has been recently mentioned on different blogs, social media sites, magazines, bookmarking sites, etc.

Pricing: Free


  1. Colibri.io

Colibri.io is the best development hacking tool for every development hacker who wants to improve its visibility. Colibri.io keeps track of Twitter, Quara, Google Blog, Hacker News and many others and provides you with the most important ones to comment instead of spending your full time exploring engagement spots on the web.

Picture: Free Trial. $ 45 / month

So, what do you do with these growth hacking tools? Give your thoughts about using the development hacking tool below.

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