5 Best WordPress Plugins for Running Contests and Sweepstakes on Blog

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Running Contests and Sweepstakes on Blog

Want to make your website more popular? Or want to increase the size of your email list?

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Running Contests and Sweepstakes on Blog
5 Best WordPress Plugins for Running Contests and Sweepstakes on Blog

If you have said yes to any of these, you should seriously consider running competition or sweepstake in your website. Besides making your site more popular and increasing your email list, you will also find more followers, more attention and increased access.

Okay, now you are confident. You want to start content in your site. But how will you do this?

Running a contest or sweepstake just could not be done by publishing such a post –

‘Hey people, here is a contest for you / sweepstake. Join the contest … ‘

No, these things do not work in this way. To take advantage of your contest / sweepstake, you need to set ground rules, set deadlines, promote event and finally choose the winners in the right way.

It seems like a lot of work, right? Fortunately, you can take care of most of these things using a dedicated WordPress plugin. There are some excellent, free plugins to create contents, sweepstakes.

Now, I will introduce you to the 5 best wordpress plugins to run contests and sweepstakes on your blog. Let’s see who they are, are we?

The best WordPress contest plugin for promoting your reader

  1. Social Contests

Social Contests is another great WordPress plugin to create various promotional campaigns including sweepstakes, vote contest, photo contest, essay competition, referral promotion etc.

The plugin comes with many readymade templates for competition and sweepstakes. It is possible to edit templates or create their own templates.

You can also promote campaigns in your Facebook and Twitter pages. By using the plugin, you will be a specially developed entry page for mobile devices. The Wishpond will also save the data of participants including email address, name, age, gender and location, which can be downloaded at any time. WP ecommerce compatible plugin is available in 35 languages.

  1. ContestFriend for WordPress

ContestFriend for WordPress provides an easy way to add intuitive competitions or sweepstakes to your website. The tinyMCE editor of the Contest Details field allows basic HTML tags. Therefore, you can easily add some markup to your text to focus on the main points. You can also add a separate disclaimer link.

The Design section lets you control the presence of events. In addition to choosing the width, you can customize the background, description and title text, colors, etc. You can allow participants to share competitions in social media platforms and increase the chances of winning.

It is also possible to limit the number of winners and limiting per referral entries. The live preview feature will help you to correct your events before displaying in your website. You can activate or deactivate any event from the dashboard.

  1. ContestHopper for WordPress

ContestHopper is a simple but powerful plugin for giving competitions, sweepstakes and / or in your WordPress site. Although it has not been updated recently, it still works perfectly.

The plugin lets you choose custom fonts and font colors for title, description and background. Being fully integrated with the Type kit API and Google Fonts, you can also choose fonts from those sources.

Participants can earn extra points by sharing or referencing the competition. It is possible to provide custom text for social media sharing. There are different fields to specify the start and end dates and times for the contest.

You can also add to your own contests rules and rejections popups or URLs. You can choose a specific winner or random winner. The random winner selection is powered by random.org. The plugin is also provided with MailChimp, AWeber, CampaignMonitor and GetResponse integration.

  1. Pick Giveaway Winner

If you want to run a debt or sweepstake in your WordPress site, then the Pick Gateway winner should be one of your top choices. This plugin automatically selects the winner with comments from a specific post. Using the MySQL rand () function, the plugin will randomly select the winner for you.

Using the plugin is very easy. Once you have installed and activated it in your WordPress site, a new sub-menu ‘Tools’ menu, named ‘Pick Gateway Winner’ will be created under the menu.

To access the plugin, go to Tools Gateway Winning Tools. On that page, you will find a drop-down list of all the posts on your WordPress site. Choose the post from which you want to choose the winner. It is possible for more than 1 winner for your programs.

If you do not allow multiple entries, you can declare them completely ineligible or the participants

I need an InviteBox account, in which tree test is available. Referral programs are very powerful for attracting more users and / or customers to your website or company. After promoting the referral program with encouragement, Dropbox has enjoyed a 60% increase in its signup. By using the plugin, you can offer various incentives including instant reward, target-based prize, referral competition, liabilities, sweepstakes, etc.

5.WordPress InviteBox Plugin

WordPress InviteBox allows you to set custom rules for competitions. You can also display the Leaderboard of the top referrer to increase competitiveness among the participants. For sweepstakes and liabilities, the plugin will automatically monitor participant activities and provide entries according to pre-defined parameters. What do you like? If you are trying to build an audience quickly, or want to promote something for your websites, creating a competition or sweepstake can be an excellent idea. The plugins described above are essential tools that are essential for you to create such incidents.

Now you have gone through the list of 5 best WordPress plugins to run contests and sweepstakes on your blog, which is most interesting to you? Let me know in the comments. And if you have any suggestions about making contests and / or sweepstakes, feel free to share it with us.


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