5 Brilliant Tips to Make You Blog Like a Pro Blogger

5 Brilliant Tips to Make You Blog Like a Pro Blogger

 Do you also want to blog like a famous blogger? When we start blogging, most of us are amateur bloggers when I started blogging, I did not know what I was making, I was blogging because it was fun and something that I enjoy having had.

I am sure that you are one of those emerging bloggers who are trying to earn money in the field of blogging or to make a name or not to be out of their obsession.

For any reason you are blogging, how well you are doing if you are spending 2 hours a day on your blog and the results are not up to the mark, it’s time to think again about your strategy.

If you are not inspired, then you should read this blogger motivation guide, which will definitely make you feel fresh and help you get your blogging back to the Mojo.

Continue to learn something important in blogging; Apply it and share it with others who are new to it.

This article is an inspiration and practical suggestion that you leave your amateur seat and blog as a supportive blogger.

So without wasting any time you see what you can do to create a blog like a professional blogger.

Why Do You Want a Blog Like a Professional Blogger?

There is one thing that you should always keep in mind, while doing anything is to take the most benefit of it. If you are one of the millions of general bloggers, then it is time to take action for you and move one or several steps forward.

Here I am sharing the suggestions that I learned during the years of blogging and if you follow them, then in the next 30 days you will become better blogger than today.

When you are blogging, there is nothing wrong with consulting any non-confident person; Sharing anything without trust, you are definitely losing more credibility than creating.

Always remember, “You can build credibility by not losing it.” Think of the factor that you trust on a person, and when it comes to blogging, it is very easy because it is due to your physical presence.

No, this is your words that are most important. Now, the question is how can you become a confident blogger and how you can make an impression of that one.

Brilliant Tips to Make You Blog Like a Pro Blogger
Brilliant Tips to Make You Blog Like a Pro Blogger
  1. Your Post and Writing Style: Your writing that makes all the difference is a tip I always follow, and I think that you are sitting in an empty chair in front of me, and I am talking to you.

If your blogging is more in the way of a conversation, then you are more likely to leave footprint. Note when using “You” in this article, because this article is for you and you are only a person and it is “you” who is reading this article.

One thing to improve in your writing is using “I” instead of “we”, that people are not so confident that they use “we” to avoid taking responsibility for their work are there. If this person shows a blog, why do you need to use “we”?

  1. Your Blog Design: I’m sure you will be in a restaurant and will become a situation when a waiter’s impression will be prepared which he has wear. I am likely to have a waiter tip which is not more than one that is not.

When you are working online, this is your design which is a suite and you are waiter if your blog design is useless and does not leave a good effect, you can not get a tip i.e.  So get rid of everything from your blog, and make a clean and professional looking design that shows you and your blog personality. Remember, your blog is the first point of design material and the first impression is forever.

  1. Come Out of the Closet:

How many popular bloggers do you know? Look at this awesome information of professional bloggers and ask how many of them you know?

If you know that 2 or 3 of them are also, ask how do you know them? That’s because they did not hide in the closet like you.

All these successful bloggers put a face to their name, and you can see that on their blog is it easy to connect with a person rather than a brand?

This is for you to make some active-active changes to your blog, and tell who is the person behind that awesome blog, and Mr. this is you.

Add a writer box, add some details about yourself in your blog about the page, add your profile to the blog sidebar, make sure that you add a beautiful image and add charming bio.

If not enticing, write a description about yourself in a way that people can connect and connect.

  1. Be Honest and Do Not Doubt Yourself:

“Honesty is the best policy” and this is what we have learned in our Kindle garden, but over time we have experienced and we know that it is difficult to live by that rule is. How many times do you lie about small things in a day?

When I calculated this about myself, I realized that I lie to small things, which are not deliberately, we do not lie because we want to be happy and we do not want them to hurt.

This is the biggest crime we do ourselves. When we lie to please people, then we are not listening to our inner things, and soon we solve the problem.

  1. Become an Authority Blogger:

It does not matter how good your opinion is, unless you are establishing yourself as an authorization or your blog as an authorized blog, no body is believing you now the question is that you How can I become an official blogger? The strange thing is, you already know the answer and it is very easy.

If you’ve already made changes to the above mentioned point (trust), then you are more likely to become an official blogger.

Now, it’s time to take advantage of the power of social media and establish it as an official in your niche. Let’s start by deciding the presence of social media, and start by updating your social media profile details.

Make sure that your social media profile is like your resume and reflects your personality, use the same profile image everywhere (Twitter, FB, G +, Gravatar, etc) standing out and people Make it easy for you to remember.

Always share your opinions about the topics of burning topics in your niche or hot topics around the world. Yes, your opinion can not be as equally suitable as an industry expert, but it is still a lot of people who are following you are there.

  1. Keep Others in Front of You:

The most common feature of a successful person is that they give credit to people for their work. Where a shallow person will never talk about others and share it with others.

If you are one of those people who are not very vocal and do not give credit to people for their work, then you are standing on the other side of the fence.

As I said above, come out of the closet, and share your choices with others, instead of growing up for your likes or comments, give credit to anyone or give credit to you that you think they deserve.

Not only to create a relationship, go into the inner circle:

You will hear a lot about “Networking is the key to success” and it is important to build a strong network of people around you. What seems to be it is the most important thing to do in every aspect of your life (online or offline).

What to do to make a difference to be a part of any internal circle is to read a lot about many of you successful people and keep them on your social media profile, but you can keep their inner circle Not a part.

You are just one of the thousands of people whom they make friends on Facebook or those blogging events.

Your goal is to be a part of your inner cycle and to become a partner where they want to stay around you. This will happen when you will lose the “I am a blogger” attitude and work on making a meaningful connection.

Smart Work Instead of Hard Work:

No matter what business you are doing, it’s a smart job that will take you to places. Yes, it is important to work hard, but hard work is hard work.

If you spend 2 hours every day to write a blog post and do not work on promoting it, you will be the same person after a year or two.

Yes, your blog will grow and you will get more traffic and more Make money, but you are still slow compared to the rest.

There are people who just started online and earned millions of dollars because of their smart-work and ideas. Let me not confuse you with thoughts and smart work, as both are related closely, without a good idea, no work will give you better results.

When it comes to doing smart work, I can suggest that choosing the right set of blogging tools, understanding the value of time and working on time management is more productive.

Keep the right balance between your social and personal life, because if you want to succeed, you will have to be a happy person and this will happen when you are satisfied with your life in 360 * (all aspects of life).

The Value of Your Time and a Team

If you are a regular reader of ShoutMeLoud, then I am sure that you have heard me saying “Time Money”, and till you do not match me and keep repeating it “yes, I believe that time is money !

You can have 30-40 great ideas, but it will take a lot of time to execute them alone when you have a team of people working on it, then you have to change all the ideas in reality.

Here is a practical example: I had this idea of ​​making an info graphic for Indian bloggers, and could not do it because collecting data was a time-consuming process.

If you are someone who lives in a remote location (Yahoo is internet everywhere), you just have to make a virtual team of your own. You should check out these two articles from Srikanth, where he shared everything that you have to know about Virtual Assistance.

I’ve shared all the important points that will help you grow bigger and now you get more from whatever you are getting.

If you have read this article through the word, make sure that you choose the points that you believe will improve your blogging career and you will create a blog like other supportive bloggers.

Tell me which of these tips will you work on, and how are you planning to start?

If you need help with any of these points, feel free to ask me through comments.

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