5 Twitter Hashtag Tracking and Analytics Tools

5 Twitter Hashtag Tracking and Analytics Tools

The world became disoriented since the introduction of Twitter’s hashtag in 2009. The world was so serious about the fact that Hashtag was “the word of the year”, even Facebook announced the hashtag recently in June 2013 and there was also a child named ‘Hashtag’!

5 Twitter Hashtag Tracking and Analytics Tools
5 Twitter Hashtag Tracking and Analytics Tools

You can say a lot against the hashtags and their importance and can say, but their value is unquestionable in this world which is very connected. Internet is made up of long and short messages delivered online and hashtag provides a way to group such messages, where a hashtag can search and get a set of messages contained in it.

Wikipedia quotes:

According to the Lexicographer Ben Zimmer, president of the New Words Committee of the American Dialogue Society, the term “hash tag” was first used by Stove Boyd in a blog post by “hash tags = Twitter groupings” on August 26, 2007.

Hashtags are not very different from ‘keywords to search for information’. The way the hashtag creates, COMMUNICATIONS can be used very well to obtain filterable and organized feedback and suggestions. All this can be said that the hashtags are beyond powerful and in order to manage them, you need tools. The tools are power in your hands and there are many powerful tools to effectively manage the hashtag and make most of them.

Below are the 5 best Twitter hashtag tracking and analysis tools that will help you get more out of Twitter.

Twitter hashtag tracker tools for social media campaign:


The hashtag search is the best and recommended tool for starting a hashtag. It only helps you find the hashtags and tweets around them, but remove the hashtag related to what you’ve searched for. Hashtagify.me also helps you find top effectors for each hashtag.

The revenue model is based on the freemium model and you have to pay to access more of your services. You can look at the hashtags – Search of ‘SEO’ and it comes with recent Tweets and suggestions related to the hashtag.


Twubs is one of those best Twitter hashtags tools. Their search toolbars in Twubs also include auto-complete which gives you more suggestions while typing. You also have the option of registering your own hashtag with the Twubs and there is also an individual landing page for this. You can also host chat sessions with your audience from there.

In addition to providing information about the hashtag, Twubs also acts as a hashtag directory and registry.


The tagboard is like ‘hashtag’s Pinterest’. After searching a hashtag, you are welcome with a beautiful board, with updates from a wide range of networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, AppNet and Wine, which is like a jarring.

You can not only track the popular hashtag about the current event in these platforms, but also create your own hashtag to monitor. You can filter conversations from those networks where you are not interested. The tagboard provides a great way to discuss the wide range of networks.

In essence, the tagboard provides you with an easy-to-yet powerful system to track which is most important to you.


If there is a deep, relevant and comprehensive bill, then the tops will be right at the top of your list. What Topsy does, it analyzes billions of tweets and web pages gathered from unique websites, blogs and social media services.

Topsy not only analyzes this material, but also ranks to find out what it really is. Topsy, in a nutshell, enables users to find, measure, predict and make decisions using the world’s most powerful social analysis products.

Topsy is the most informative hashtag tool on the web.



Tweetbinder is a wonderful tool to help you analyze a Twitter hashtag and to see which conversations are busy, who is most effective, where the link is made, etc. Similar to the word Hashtag, the binder is to group similar things and conversations.

Tweetbinder also shows those people who were most active for a hashtag and which tweets were the most accessible. You can also filter conversations to learn more about shared links, retweets, and images.

Then finally there is an overall analysis tool, which shows you the total tweets related to conversations, reverse, links etc. from time to time.

What do you think about these Twitter hashtags tracking and analysis tools?

Are you taking advantage of the hashtag to get the most out of it? Have your say in the comments section below.

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