How to Add Nofollow to a Link?

How to Add Nofollow to a Link?

One of the most common words in the field of SEO is the nofollow and dofollow. Link Building is an important part of any successful SEO and we have already added the basics about the Nofollow and Dopoła, and here I will tell you how to follow no links on any link. In this tutorial, we will learn why you should have a nofollow and dofollow link and the types of links should be nofollow.

How to Add Nofollow to a Link?
How to Add Nofollow to a Link?

One of the most common misconceptions that I want you to get out of your head, too many duplicate links are bad. Nothing wrong with the Dofollow link, unless you link to any trusted source. As a matter of fact, when I was learning about on-page SEO optimization, adding a link to a trusted and dependable source, one thing I have learned, will help promote your ranking. Now, we will look at some aspects of the nofollow link.

rel = nofollow

Why do you need to add a Nofollow tag to any link?

One of the basic rules of SEO is giving importance to the important post by keeping the dopohelo and keeping the other link in the form of nofollow. Now the most fundamental question is what dofollow is. Dofollow links are those links we would like Google to follow with our page and nofollow links are links we do not want to follow the Google Bot (or any other search engine bots). Generally, whenever we have to link to any bad domains, we use nofollow link features.

By default whenever we add a link, any WordPress blog or blogspot blog adds dofollow attribute. Now, when we are connecting to any site and we do not want to pass the link juice, we use the nofollow link attribute. This will help transfer the link juice to correct the domain.

More and more, be sure to use any spam site, Nofollow tag attributes for any reason, when you are engaging with affiliate products. However, some time ago Google had specified that Google has started ignoring the Nofollow tag, but still the seo guru believes that using nofollow link features for such a domain is a good practice , When it is not a quality source. For information, many search engine bots started after the nofollow link but they do not use such links for ranking.

How to add Nofollow properties in a link?

While typing in WordPress or Blogger, you can go to edit HTML mode and add rel = “nofollow” below the link to make it nofollow. For WordPress, there are many plugins that do this for you. Many plugins help you to create all the external links as nofollow, but I do not think White has SEO technology. Links to any reliable source should not be scared to pass the juice.

Generally, we keep our blog comments and external ad links in the form of nofollow to maintain link juices. You can use plugins like Robot Meta to keep comments and ads as links to nofollow. For internal links, I would suggest that they keep them as dofollow (which stays by default) because it will help search engine bots to crawl more pages on your site.

If you have too many outbound links from a single page. I would suggest to keep at least those links which do not add value to the search engines. So that you can not pass the juice of your link on all links. Especially your ad links and unrelated links.

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