How to Automatically Tweet the Old WordPress Post to Drive Traffic?

How to Automatically Tweet the Old WordPress Post to Drive Traffic?

Are you struggling with exposure to your last published posts and running traffic on them? Most of us use social media automation to automatically share our newly published posts on Twitter, but have you thought of setting up a system where your old blog posts will be automatically tweeted?

How to Automatically Tweet the Old WordPress Post to Drive Traffic
How to Automatically Tweet the Old WordPress Post to Drive Traffic

It will have many advantages because one of them is that it will run traffic on your old post. Tipping your old posts will increase social signals for posts and help in high ranking. We have already discussed how social sharing affects search engine rankings, and now it is not a banner that you need to make sure that you have to make your site social. Today, I will share how you can tweet your old WordPress post using the free WordPress plugin. You only have to install and configure the evergreen Post Tweeter plugin, and this plugin will automatically share your blog post after a specific time on Twitter.

How to use the evergreen post tweeter WordPress plugin:

This plugin is free and available on the WordPress Plugin repo. It comes with almost all the features which I was looking for in the auto-tweet wordpress plugin. You have the option to select the categories or tags that you want to tweet with (in this way you will only tweet content all the time, provided you have installed a tag like this). You can also use your URL Shortener via and schedule the tweet. You can use any of these tools to find the best time to tweet.

The setup part is very straight forward and all you have to do is install the plugin on your blog (wordpress repo link) and authenticate it with your twitter account. You can configure it with only one Twitter account, so I recommend using your blog’s official Twitter account. Once you have access to the authenticated plugin in your Twitter account, all you have to do is configure the settings and the remaining plugins will do all the magic.

I suggest adding a prefix (# brandname) to give an extra benefit to your old tweets. If you are configuring this plugin for a specific blog, you can also configure additional L text along with the relevant hashtag for your niche.

For example, I was configuring it for a tech blog and it was configured with #tech. You need two important settings here:

  • Set tags or categories: You need to choose which categories or tags should be tweeted on your posts. Select a thumb rule, only the evergreen content that tweets the old posts, which do not have any relevance for the present time, its meaning will be lost.
  • Schedule: Evergreen Post Twitter plugin is one of the killer feature to set the time for sending Tweets. Rather than choosing time-lag between tweets, you can choose when the tweet should be sent every day. Ticking at that time is a good idea when your followers are most likely to be active. You can use these free Twitter tools that will scan your Twitter timeline and inform you when you should tweet. Once you have the details, use it to configure this plugin for tweeting.

After setting everything up, click Update Evergreen option to save your settings. After that, just click on the tweet! The button will make a tweet once and make sure this plugin is properly configured and can make a tweet.


Overall, this is a useful plugin for promoting your old blog post. An alternative plugin for this, which also supports Facebook and LinkedIn, is known as reviving the old post plugin, which offers the same functionality. In addition, I suggest you tweet your new blog post using the Twibble (Free) or JetPack Auto Promotions feature.

Overall, if you are just looking for the Twitter plugin, then this is a plugin that you would like. If you are looking for more options, then revive the old post WordPress plugin should be your first choice. If you know of any other WordPress plugin that allows us to promote our old content in an easy way, tell me through comments. Share this content on Twitter and Facebook.

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