The Best Add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets

The Best Add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets

Are you know that what is Google Add-on?

Add-ons in Google Docs are like extensions for chrome. Add-ons extend the functionality of Google Docs and Google Sheets. They certainly make the Google office productivity suite more capable and more useful.

The Best Add-on for Google Docs and Sheets

There are some favorite Add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets.

  1. Mailchimp – You can send mails in bulk using the maildrill service of Mailchimp

    MailChimp-Add On
  2. Sudoku – You can create and solve Sudoku inside the Google Sheet

    Sudoku-Ad on
    Sudoku-Add on
  3. Avery – You can create address labels inside Google Docs for printing.

    Avery-Ad on
    Avery-Add on
  4. PamDoc – You can send the current document to the clients.

  5. Hellofax – You can send a fax to any number worldwide directly from inside Google Documents.

    Hellofax-Ad on
    Hellofax-Add on
  6. Mindmeister – You can create a hierarchical bulleted list in the Google documents.

    Mind Meister-Ad on
    Mind Meister-Add on
  7. Mapping Sheets – Create Spread Sheets with a list of places.

    Mapping Sheets-Ad on
    Mapping Sheets-Add on
  8. Texthelp – Select and highlight passage and save.

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  9. Analytical Canvas – Import your Google Analytical reports

    Analytical Canvas-Ad on
    Analytical Canvas-Add on
  10. EasyBib – You can cite books, Journal articles and websites.

    EasyBib-Add on
    EasyBib-Add on

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