A Better Gmail Web Clipper From Evernote

A Better Gmail Web Clipper From Evernote

The new Gmail Clipper lets you easily save email messages and incorporates file entries from Gmail into your  Evernote.

Gmail Web Clipper
Gmail Web Clipper

Evernote, excellent note-taking software has added add-ons to a new web clip for Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers. While the web clip is mainly used to save snapshots of Web pages in Evernote, the updated version is more efficient in storing Gmail messages.

When you clip an email thread with the new Evernote clipper, it creates a D-cluttered view and forms the entire thread again so that it is more readable. And if you are clipping a long email conversation in Gmail, now you have the option to select different messages in the thread that should be saved in Evernote.

Save Gmail Messages without Clutter

Gmail Clipper for Evernote can save online images and file email attachments to your email messages as well. For example, if there is an Excel sheet attached to a PDF document or a Gmail message, then the file will be saved directly to Evernote in its original format with an email message.

You can get a clip on evernote.com/webclipper – You will need an Evernote account in order to activate Clip in your browser.

Clipper worked as advertised for Gmail. It can easily handle large threads with 20+ email messages, file attachments were saved successfully and rich-text formatting of HTML messages was well preserved in Evernote. If you want to share an email thread with someone, saving it as a note in Evernote and then sharing the link can be a good idea.

One more thing Web clip helps you save your email manually to Evernote. If you are looking for an automated way to store multiple emails in Gmail from Evernote, yo

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