How Bloggers Distribute Their Blog Through Amazon Kindle?

How Bloggers Distribute Their Blog Through Amazon Kindle?

If you have a blog, learn how to get your blog listed on the Amazon Kindle Store so that people can subscribe to your blog content and read it on your Kindle Wireless eBook Reader.

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle

It can come as a surprise but people read blogs on the go through Amazon Kindle.

Amazon charges a monthly fee (about $ 1) per blog, but offers some benefits in return. For example, Kindle customers are always provided with the full blog article (not part) and the other, Kindle will always download the entire blog content (similar to the prefetching in FeedDemon) so that the client can still read the blog even when offline.

How to get your blog on Amazon Kindle

Almost all popular blogs (including digital inspiration) are available for subscription through Amazon Kindle but if you are only a small publisher and want to list your blog at Kindle Store, then what you can do here:

Step 1: If your current RSS feed contains advertising (AdSense for Feeds) or you only provide partial feeds, then create a new feed for your blog that is both full-text and ad-free.

Update: You can skip the following steps, because any Amazon can publish blogs on Kindle.

Step 2: Go to and fill out their interest form. This is an official approach but Amazon says they have a big backlog, so you never know how much time Amazon will take to approve your blog for Kindle Store.

Step 3: In addition to the Official Amazon Channel, you can also partner with NewStacks. Fill out this form to become a content provider in NewStacks and they will work with Amazon directly to list your blog on Kindle Store.

In this way digital inspiration is found in the waterproof shop. There is no listing fee and Amazon will pay you 30% of the Kindle user’s revenue, which subscribes to your blog.

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