How to Boot Android Phones in Safe Mode to Overcome Problems?

How to Boot Android Phones in Safe Mode to Overcome Problems?

The Android device can start its unpleasant behavior, such as problems like cold, cold or apps misbehavior.  There is a special mode to troubleshoot these problems, safe mids, so that all third party applications installed on your Android phone are disabled.

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You may be able to remove any errors of a compromised error by a mis-appalled app or setting.

Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone

A typical example of this is when you install the app and suddenly do not have to start abusing yourself to give more importance to your Android phone, it is clear that due to the app you have installed, the common problem is that app settings are coping with your phone system settings.

To correct this kind of error, you disable all third party applications because you can not say which app is causing the problem, here’s how to fix it;

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Booting the Android Phone in Safe Mode

For most Android phones, to enter safe mode,

1. press and hold the power option on the power key;

2. Power off, reboot and airplane mode,

3. You can not see the safe mode option, it is actually,

4. but it is hidden under the option to turn off,

5. You will have to press the power off option for a few seconds.

6. This will pop up a message-

“Do you want to reboot safe mode?”

7. Press OK to confirm.

8. Your device will now reboot into safe mode.

But it can be different on your own device, if so, you may be required to press volume down or both volume buttons at the bottom when you restart to enter safe mode.

Now when you are in safe mode in your Android phone reboot, its operating system will be changed to the default setting and all third party applications will not work.

They will become inactive for the main time, then you can reduce the app. You can uninstall the application to clean up your phone system or clear the data cache for any suspicious app.

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How to exit safe mode?

It is very easy to quit the safe mode, reboot your android phone.

Note :– You can lose some app settings in the safe mode process, though not all apps, besides re-entering applications like Facebook and Twitter. For you are indicated, this is due to the fact that your login details have been cleaned up.


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