Can a Blog Make Money on Auto-Pilot?

Can a Blog Make Money on Auto-Pilot?

When you are earning money on auto-pilot, real freedom is achieved in life. Money is not everything but it is very important to meet with your daily life activity. 6 years ago, when I started blogging, I never knew that blogging can be a profession that can give financial independence.

Can a Blog Make Money on Auto-Pilot?
Can a Blog Make Money on Auto-Pilot?

I was busy in the events after my marriage and I understood that it is a good time that an inactive blog can earn money for me or not.

I know that for most occupation / business, your presence is required in one form or in some other form. In most jobs, you can take leave for limited days, but after that it is always an unpaid holiday. Full-time blogging is like a business and a month of blogging leave gave me enough data to evaluate blogging in terms of money making on auto-pilot.

In this article, I will share about how much money you may earn in the month and how it affects the traffic and traffic without any work. I will also share my observation and learning in the appropriate section below.

Traffic impact on blog after one month of inactivity:

I stopped working for one month and due to Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, I was getting decent traffic back. What I really wanted to see, how cyber-traffic will go down after Monday, because the blog will not normally take any action.

Here is the breakage on weekly traffic:

  • Week 1: 138,478 views
  • Week 2: 133,035 views
  • Week 3: 12 9, 781 views
  • Week 4: 123,322 views

As you can see, the traffic was definitely reduced at that time, but the higher I expected was not as high. After publishing posts the traffic became normal again.

The main reason for the change in traffic was due to losses in the social media and the return of visitors’ traffic.

Now one thing is that now it is clear that traffic drops will not always be so much for passive blogs with inactive content.

Blog income reports after one month of inactivity:

Most of Revenue comes from affiliate sales, direct advertising and Google AdSense or other advertising network revenue.

This month I missed most of the services due to inactivity due to blog consultation, WordPress SEO service and some more. If I want to compare this income with other income, then I am satisfied with the income generated without being active.

This fact is not denied that if I keep the blog inactive for a few months then the income will fall. Overall, taking a full break of one month affected blog revenue.

This data is valuable to me because I think it will encourage you and others to jump into blogging and take it as serious career options.

Do you have a blog that is also generating revenue on auto-pilot?

Tell me your experience and insights. If you enjoy reading this case study, then share it with others on FB, G + and Twitter.

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