Where Can You Utilize the Gist Service and How to Use?

Where Can You Utilize the Gist Service?

Are you know Github? Github is the popular website for software developers for sharing code. There are number of millions open source projects like games, books etc.

Github is a platform, known as Gist, for sharing text and code snippets.

Gist Service by Github
Gist Service by Github

There are number of ways, you can utilize Github for your purpose. Some of the utilizations are described here –

  1. Write text anonymously – If you want to gists them there is no need to create an account. You have to go on gist.github.com and write any text in the given space and create a Gist. You can also create a secret gist.
  2. Publish Gists in Rich Text – You can use the different formats to publish the text in rich HTML format. You can add images, lists or tables.
  3. Track Changes – When you edit the content of a gist that has already been published, the previous version of the gist are also preserved.
  4. Writing Platform – You have to create a Gist either in plain text or other format and then use roughdraft.io to publish that gist as standalone web page.
  5. Host Single page website on Gist – You can write your CSS, HTML and Javascript on plain text, save the Gist as index.html and the use bl.ocks.org to serve the rendered version of that HTML web page as should appear in the browser.
  6. Gist as a web clipper – The Gistbox add-on lets you save text snippets from web pages as public or private gists.
  7. Embed Gists in Web pages – You can embed any gist in your web pages.
  8. Maintain a task list – You can use gists to keep track of pending tasks.
  9. Measure the traffic – You may use Google analytics to measure the traffic to your gists.
  10. Manage gists from the Desktop – You can search gists, edit the content of gists, view revisions and share gists.

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