How to Change PowerPoint Presentations on Video?

How to Change PowerPoint Presentations on Video?

How to change PowerPoint PPT files in videos to upload to YouTube Or you can burn a DVD of PowerPoint presentations.

How to Change PowerPoint Presentations on Video
How to Change PowerPoint Presentations on Video

This step-by-step guide shows how to convert PowerPoint slideshow to video so that you can distribute presentations more easily:

  1. You can upload powerpoint videos in YouTube, Facebook etc. and some of your compositions can go viral.
  2. You can transfer PowerPoint slides to iPod or mobile phones and enjoy presentations while playing without PowerPoint Viewer app.
  3. If your slideshow is like a photo album with many images, then convert PowerPoint to video and burn it on DVD – you can now view the presentation on a large TV screen.

The possibilities are endless. Powerpoint files that are converted to video using this technique also preserve all voice stories. And as expected, the total cost is $ 0.

How to change PowerPoint to a Video for YouTube or iPod

You only need a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint (any version), a PPT file, a webcam or a microphone (if you want to record audio) and internet access. OK let’s start:

Step 1: Open your PPT presentation file inside PowerPoint and switch to the slideshow menu to set the exact time period for each slide. You have two options:

  1. A) If you want to include audio in your presentations, use the record nation. Record your voice as your moves through the slides and say yes when you are asked to save the changes.
  2. B) Use Recharge Time for Silent PowerPoint Video. This option lets you present how long the slide should be displayed on the screen before going to the next presentation.

Step 2: Now go to the author stream and upload the saved PPT file in step 1. AuthorStream is a PowerPoint hosting service where you can upload as many powerpoint files as 1 GB.

Step 3: When you upload a PPT file to the Web, the author will convert the PowerPoint file into MPEG 4 video (MP4) which can be uploaded directly to YouTube or you can view it on the iPod.

This process may take some time, but as soon as your PowerPoint video is ready to download from the web, you will receive an email notification.

The conversion is not immediate but definitely worth a wait. And the quality of the video made from PPT files is fantastic.

There is more – in addition to converting PPT to video, AuthorStream will also create a video podcast version of your presentation that can be imported directly into iTunes. This can be a good opportunity for teachers whose computer has piles of PPT files that can be shared with the world.

If you have a budget, you can use screen recording applications such as Camatasia studio to record PowerPoint presentations as a video on your desktop.

Free screencasting software like camstudio can also record PPT playback but I think the above method is simple because it takes care of conversion and video hosting.

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