How to Choose the Right Social Bookmarking Widget for Your Website?

How to Choose the Right Social Bookmarking Widget for Your Website?

Do you want to share a social bookmarking and widget (button) on your blog or website? Read this comparison to understand which social widget is right for your site.

How to Choose the Right Social Bookmarking Widget for Your Website?
How to Choose the Right Social Bookmarking Widget for Your Website?

Social bookmarking widgets have actually helped reduce dislocation on web pages.

Long time ago, it was not uncommon for bloggers to put a dozen different icons under their blog posts that people would click on these buttons to spread their content on the web. But since the number of social sites on the internet has increased, so these number of buttons were replaced with a widget in everyone, not only offering more features but also keeping them easy.

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The idea is that instead of confusing your site visitors with the icon of 16 different social bookmarking sites, you show them a shared icon and they are used to save, share, or bookmark your content. You can choose social service.

Which social bookmarking and sharing widget is right for your site?

Share the three most popular social bookmarking and sharing widgets on the Internet, add it and add it to any one. Another service that is comparatively new but worth mentioning is to tell a friend.

AddThis gives you full control over the appearance and layout of the widget. You can organize the icons in a vertical column or put them in the horizontal bar or if you are comfortable with CSS, you can also go for more complex hover animations.

Design your own menu with AddThis

In addition to sharing your web pages on social networks, your site visitors can also use the AddThis widget to print content or add the page to your browser bookmarks.

AddThis provides many analytics reports so you can know which content is being shared and which social services are among the most popular among your visitors. And there is also the option to add your brand name to the widget.

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Almost every US Government website (including Whitehouse blog) uses AddThis for social sharing.

One of the unique points about the ShareThis widget is that you remember what you share. This means that if you vote for a story on Digg or share a link on Twitter or stumble on some pages, then the service will automatically save this share activity to your ShareThis account. The sharing widget is also available as a bookmarklet and it’s easy for browsers like Google Chrome that do not support add-ons.

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On the publisher side, ShareThis is the only service that will allow site visitors to share content via SMS text messages in addition to email and AIM. Although the default of ShareThis widget can not be changed, but you can choose which social services should be available within the widget and their display order.

Like AddThis, ShareThis also provides detailed analysis so that you can find out what people are sharing and how.

There are at least 50 different social networks and bookmarking websites on the Internet, so how do you decide on the services included in the sharing widget on your website? For example, tasty is the most popular bookmarking service, but some of your visitors can use Diogo or Mr. Wong, so what do you do in this case? Show them both or toss the coin and choose one?

Well, the AddToAny button provides an excellent solution for this problem. This service automatically detects the social services that your visitors use and places them first in the widget. The identity system is very good and I think it reads the visitors’ browser history.

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Another benefit of AddToAny is that it automatically uses your Google Analytics account for reporting. This means that if you have a Google Analytics code on a page that uses Add to any widget, the sharing statistics for that page will be collected just like your other Analytics data.

The layout of Add to any widget is not customizable even though advanced users can hide individual tabs or change the color scheme using css hacks.

With Tale-A-Friend, your site visitors can share your content with their IM friends on Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL and MSN / Windows Live Messenger. You can rearrange the tab order in the widget and also choose which social services should be part of the personal tab. This service also offers a paid option in which you want to brand a widget and email message with custom logo.

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