Circle Pay App-Send Money Online Free to Anyone

Circle Pay App-Send Money Online Free to Anyone in the World

Circle Pay App is a money-sending app that works instantly, conducts trades in established currencies like dollars and euros. When you need to split the bill, try Circle Pay App, a digital money-transfer system that lets people send dollars and euros through iMessage.

What you Know About Circle Pay App?

Circle Pay App lets you send money to your contacts securely and without having to pay a fee. You can send money in dollars, euros or pounds. And unlike Square Cash, Circle works internationally.

Circle Pay App-Send Money Free to Anyone in the World
Circle Pay App-Send Money Free to Anyone in the World

The main selling point of Circle is that it lets app users send money to other people, even non-users, in any part of the world.

Send friends money like you send anything else easy and free whether they’re in the same room or a different country. Give your roomie the rent, chip in for the group gift without a big deal and send your friend abroad a drink on you. All without worry.

You may Download Circle App  App from Here.

Main Features of the Circle Pay App –

It’s Fast and Easy to Use – You may pay to friends and family instantly with just a phone number or email. You may set up in 30 seconds.

It’s Free to Download – Circle App is a free to download and it is also free to use. There is no fee and there is no exchange markups between dollars, pounds and euro. You may see the same exchange rate on Google.

It’s Fun to Use – Circle App is centered around the conversations, because that’s how people communicate.

It’s Secure to Use – Your information will be encrypted and your private data will be secured since the Circle App is fully PCI-DSS compliant and your account is protected by PIN, fingerprint ID and two step verification.

If you are sending money from India to UK or Europe, you will be wanted to know that they are regulated as an E-Money Issuer. Despits held in US dollars are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 and they are licensed as a Money Transmitter in 48 US States.

Split the bar tab, give your roomie half the rent or beg mom for cash. GIFs, emoji and photos make it fun! No fees and no worries with industry-leading security. Pay friends (and get paid) with just an email or phone number. Instantly. No fees. Split the tab, pay your half of the cable bill, chip in for a group gift.

You may Download Circle App from Here.

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