Clean Up Your Whiteboard Pictures by Email

Clean Up Your Whiteboard Pictures by Email

You can capture whiteboard scribbles using your mobile phone’s camera and clear the image by sending an email to a special address.

Clean Up Your Whiteboard Pictures by Email
Clean Up Your Whiteboard Pictures by Email

Your mobile phone has an excellent camera but the photos of the whiteboard are not getting as good and clear as you like. Maybe there is bad light in the conference room? Perhaps your camera settings are not perfect for capturing whiteboard photos?

A small move that will significantly improve the quality of your whiteboard pictures is available inside your camera’s manual settings. Go to your camera’s manual settings, select EV (Exposure Value) and add 1 or 2 “stop” (usually indicated by +2) before clicking on the capture button.

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Then there is a shell script that brightens and cleans your whiteboard images using the popular ImageMagick library. It runs on the command line and is needed by ImageMagick, a free image editing software available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

If you have trouble remembering the command, then there is an easy way too. Capture whiteboard scribble with your mobile camera and send the image as an email attachment to the following email address.

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Wait for one minute or two and you will get a beautiful version of the whiteboard image, clean and clear and more customized for printing. Here is an example.

Internally, the Unwhiteboard service uses the same ImageMagick command to clear your whiteboard capture but on your server, so you do not need to install anything on your computer.

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