CMS Commander Review-WordPress Bulk Management Service

CMS Commander Review-Wordpress Bulk Management Service

When we take our first child steps in the world of blogging, we all start with a blog, and over time we grow into one blog than many blogs. As soon as we add a new blog to our network, the main concern we face is blog management.

CMS Commander Review
CMS Commander Review

Creating a new WordPress blog is very easy and anyone can experience a full-functional blog in less than 5 hours, but the hard part is managing the growing number of blogs. To run a WordPress blog, not only is it limited to publishing new posts, but also to take care of some tasks like blog security, blog updates, blog optimization.

When I started blogging five years ago, there was not really a tool that would help you manage the WordPress blog, and I had a Windows Live author that helped me publish on my own blog from different desktops. It was actually a cure and with the development of blogging, now there are many tools in our blogging arsenal to make blogging easier. Today I will talk about CMS Commander who is a big wholesale WordPress management tool, and if you are running more than one wordpress blog, then this is a product for you.

CMS Commander Features and How to Start:

On running multiple WordPress sites, you always have one of the biggest challenges facing time management and keeping track of all your blogs in one place. CMS Commander Wholesale WordPress is not the only player in this category of remote management tools, but he certainly made a name for himself with state-of-the-art facilities. In this review and after starting the CMS Commander’s Guide, I will share all the important details that you need to know to get started.

First look at the features of the CMS Commander:

Update WordPress with Single Stand-Point:

With CMS Commander you can update all your WordPress blogs, themes and plugins immediately from one place. With such a recent release of the WordPress Update feature, this is not an important feature, but we’ve already shared some potential issues with the WordPress auto-update feature. If you like me, then you have used the WordPress auto-update feature to use wordpress plugins or themes outside the WordPress official repo, this feature will be a major time-saver for you.

CMS Commander Review-Wordpress Bulk Management
CMS Commander Review-Wordpress Bulk Management


Whenever I review such a remote blog management tool, one of the main criteria for determining quality is security. The CMS commander takes security very seriously, and they have implemented a security checkpoint at each level. With SSL to ensure that your login details are safe, they have implemented 2 factor authentication with Google Authenticator to add an additional layer of login security. Here are 2 guides required to enable login authentication.

Database Optimization:

One of the important aspects of wordpress management; The majority of the WordPress users who remember that is a database optimization. There are plugins like WP Optimizer that let you do with the WordPress Dashboard, but when we talk about multiple WordPress blogs (100 or 1000 blogs), this is a headache. CMS Commander will allow you to quickly customize all your WordPress blog databases. Is it easy?

Content Curation:

When you are running a Deal site or shopping site, most of the time you will find content to add product details from Amazon, eBay, Google News or other shopping sites. What does the CMS commander stand as a content management tool? Especially for those companies who are using WordPress as their platform and content production, their bread and butter, this feature makes their work piece of cake. If you are paying a heavy amount of money for the content spinner, then with CMS Commander you will receive it as a free feature.

No less, if you have read your previous guide on making money with content curation, then you can use CMS Commander for it.

A post editor and published everywhere:

I always wanted a dashboard from where I can write a blog post, and submit it to any blog under my network. This is a powerful feature of CMS Commander Post Editor. Remote image upload is a feature which I look forward to seeing in future updates, but for now the remote publishing feature is still a treat for users like me and you have to run many blogs.

WordPress Backup:

Another area where we spend a lot of money is backing up our sites. CMS Commander offers facility to back up your entire site at different locations. If you are managing more than 10 sites on the CMS Commander, then I would recommend to capture an Amazon S3 account (this is very cheap) and use the full backup feature (DB + file).

These are some of the most notable features of this amazing WordPress management tool.

Getting started with CMS Commander:

If you actually get the hang of this tool

Ander is also a premium, but you can also try the free version with limited capacity. This is a good starting point to evaluate easy tools.

  • Sign up for a free account.
  • On your WordPress blog, install and activate the CMS Commander plugin.
  • Within the CMS Commander Dashboard, click Add New Website and Add Your Details Site.
  • Click Add Website and your website will be added to the Dashboard
  • Now you can start managing your WordPress blog with the CMS Commander Dashboard. This is a quick start guide to remotely manage your WordPress blog. With my experience, it can take 2-3 days for your Dashboard to be accustomed, and after that you will know that CMS Commander is very useful for saving you time.

Once you have configured all the important things, you do not have to worry about managing your WordPress sites.

You can comment below for any suggestions or advice.

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