Does Your Computer Take Too Long Time in Booting Up ?

Does Your Computer Take Too Long  Time To Boot Up ?

Many times we have seen that our Windows PC is taking a lot of time to start-up. If you want to know the reason of this type of problem then I will tell you that how your PC take so long time in booting.

Autoruns-Autoruns Program
Autoruns-Autoruns Program

There are many reasons of this problem but the major reason is that there are more chances that too many programs and Windows services are configured to launch automatically when you log on.


What is the solution of this problem?

If you want to fix this type of issue then you have to Autoruns scans the standard autostart locations such as the Startup folder for the current user and all users, the Run Registry keys, and standard application launch locations.

You can also fix this issue either manually clear the start-up folder and registry entries or just download the excellent Autoruns 9.0 utility from Microsoft.

Autoruns is the best program to shows you what programs are configured to run during system bootup or login, and the entries are in the order in which Windows processes them.

You may select the services, executable and registry entries that may be responsible for the long start-up time and uncheck them to disable.

You may Download Autoruns From Here


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