How I Consolidate My Facebook Identity By Merging Profiles In The Page

How I Consolidate My Facebook Identity By Merging Profiles In The Page

Do you have a Facebook page for multiple Facebook profiles and personal branding? Are you tired of managing them all? This was my story because I had two Facebook profiles and a personal page. For a long time I wanted to strengthen everything so that I had to spend less time managing all the Facebook properties.

Facebook-Facebook Identity By Merging Profiles In The Page
Facebook-Facebook Identity By Merging Profiles In The Page

When I started online in 2008, there was a Facebook profile for my friends and family, and in 2009 I created a new profile for connecting with fellow bloggers and networking. Now, after the time I learned that two Facebook profiles are not required and I believe in 2011 when I started my Facebook page.

For the past year, I wanted to close my Facebook profile and wanted to manage just one profile and a Facebook page. Now the problem was that one of them was a tough call to shut down, because it would lose the connection of the year and more than 3000+ customers.

A few days ago, I finally decided to call and decided to manage one of my Facebook profiles on my Facebook page. In this way, I can strengthen my Facebook identity, and I can direct users to the profile or page according to the situation.

Even more so, it is for me to manage everything from my page and I have a profile where I should connect with family, friends and people, which I have met in real life.

If this sounds like your story, then in this article you will learn how you can merge a Facebook profile and Facebook page, and how you can change a profile on the page. Changing the page to a profile is easy, and I mentioned it earlier in this article.

It will be a step for this step-by-step to merge your profile to the page. I would also have thought of some technical glitch which I would get and how I handled them.

Learn from my mistake:

Without making an announcement about this migration, I made a mistake in this process. I migrated directly to my profile page and later merged it with my existing brand page. If you are doing this, then I suggest that now make an announcement, and migrate it after 12-24 hours, in this way all your connected friends will be happy and they will not feel; They are compelled to like your page. Ahh! This is a mistake I made, which you should not repeat, which you should not repeat.

Guide to Merge Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages:

The steps are clear and it is done in 3 steps:

  • Download your Facebook information

  • Convert profiles to pages

  • Combine two Facebook pages in one

You should take a full backup of your Facebook profile, this will allow you to download your uploaded photos, videos and other information which will prove useful to you in the future. Especially when you are converting your profile into a page, then you should back up these data. Remember, none of these will be transferred to your page, and only your connected friends and followers will be turned into favorites.

Download Facebook Backup:

To get started, go to Facebook and click the dropdown> Settings and click on download a copy of your Facebook data. (See this guide for detailed information)

It may take a few minutes to create a collection of your Facebook backup (depending on the size of your Facebook profile). You will receive an email with the download link for your Facebook collection. Once downloaded, follow the steps given below and start the process of converting your profile into a page.

If you have any existing groups, applications or pages that are your admin, be sure to keep any other profile to become an administrator of these properties.

Convert profile to page:

Go to this link and select the page you want your profile to be. In most cases it will be artist, band and public figure page.

“Your profile photo will be used on your new page, and all your friends will automatically become people who like your page. None of your other content will be transferred. You still have your current email address And with a password, you will be able to enter Facebook. “

  • Your profile picture will be used as your Facebook page profile picture.

“Our automated system has detected that the name is not the same or is similar to your profile name, please keep this same or similar and try again.”

To fix this issue, I last tried taking the last time, changing the spelling of the last time, but it did not work. Fortunately when I tried to add “s” after my name “Harsh Aggarwal” and converted the profile into a page.

How to mix two Facebook pages in one?

Now the interesting part comes, because this process is quite simple. Go to this link and select the pages you want to merge. In the first drop-down, select the page you want to keep and in the second drop-down, select the page that you merge.

Both of the merged pages in the page you choose will have combined choices and check-ins. Everything else will be lost and will be removed permanently from the second page.

It will take a few minutes before you start seeing this and consolidated choice. This was not my first decision to convert my profile into a page and to convert two Facebook pages into one, but I am happy that I did this, because in future it will be the cause of major headaches.

Word of advice:

If you are running more than one Facebook profile, then I would recommend you stop doing this. Challenges in particular for many people is to separate personal and professional identity. I recommend you to take advantage of Facebook Facilitator and Facebook lists facility. In this way you can control who can see your profile, and people who want to follow your updates can also follow you. Becoming a Facebook Page is really a great practice to build your personal brand and you should do this when you have a basic to share or have your own voice. There is no good to be just a passive Facebook personal brand page.

If you have made a mistake like me by creating many Facebook profiles, then you should now take better action and fix it. Because, with every passing days it will be difficult for you to remove or merge any of them as I did above.

Go ahead and try the steps above to merge your Facebook pages and if you have any questions or have any problems, feel free to share this tutorial with others on Facebook to tell me through comments.

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