How to Create an Alexa Rank Widget for Your Blog?

How to Create an Alexa Rank Widget for Your Blog?

Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank are some of the factors that decide on the popularity of the blog on paper. There are many changes (improvements) in Alexa, and recently Alexa has got a new design, and older people who were using the old Alexa widget, they are not working perfectly.

Alexa Rank Widget
Alexa Rank Widget

Alexa Services provides a widget for bloggers that they can embed on their blog. Personally, I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my Alexa ranking after putting Alexa widget on my blog. It actually helps Alexa keep accurate calculation of visitors to your blog. If you have not added Alexa Widget, then I would suggest adding it to your blog.

Coming back to the topic, Alexa added a new way to add a widget to your blog. A new section has been added for Alexa site owners, which can be used to verify ownership and add and edit details about your site. This is very useful, if you have a good Alexa ranking site, then you can add detailed descriptions about your site and make your site Alexa profile more professional.

You can take ad code for Alexa widget on your blog by visiting this link. Click the Alexa site widget, add your site link and hold the code to embed it on your blog. You have different widget options and sizes for widgets. Here’s the code that you can use to create an Alexa widget for your blog, and make sure to replace with your domain name.

WordPress plugin to add Alexa widget

There is also a third party free Alexa WordPress plugin that you can use to display your Alexa Rank in the sidebar. This free plugin can be downloaded here and once you install and activate it, then go to your WordPress widget section and drop the Alexa rank widget in your sidebar. You need to configure the domain name here. Replace the default domain name with your existing domain name.

When you update the information, you need to provide an email address that includes your domain address. That is, it does not see your Alexa rankings improve every day.

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