How to Create Screencasts in Linux with Screenr?

How to Create Screencasts in Linux with Screenr

The screenr, which is probably the best web-based screen casting app, can now be used to record screencast videos in Linux as well as in addition to Windows and Mac machines.

Screenr-Screencast app for Linux
Screenr-Screencast app for Linux

With the Screenr, you can create HD-quality screencasts up to 5 minutes long by using any web browser installed Java plug-in. The published screencast is available in the form of a flash video (for embedding in web pages) and Quicktime (MP4) movie, so anyone watches your screencast on mobile devices like iPhones.

The only downside is that everything recorded with the screenr is publicly available by default and there is no alternative to making a personal or password-protected screencast video.

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