How to Create WordPress Post and Pages?

How to Create WordPress Post and Pages?

Here I want to tell the WordPress beginners who are looking for a tutorial on how to create a WordPress post and pages.

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How to Create a Post in WordPress?

Creating a post in WordPress is really simple.

Wordpress Post-How to Add New Post
WordPress Post-How to Add New Post
  • Login to the WordPress dashboard by visiting

  • You have to click on ‘Add New’ from the ‘Posts’ menu.

  • There are four main and important sections in a post that you should fill in before publishing the post

    • The post title

    • Post content

    • Tags

    • Categories

  • Give the post a nice title.

  • Add the post content in the content section.

  • Add relevant tags for this post.

  • You may add the post to the relevant category.

  • Publish the post by hitting the ‘Publish’ button.

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How to Edit Post?

  • To add a more tag in the post just position the cursor at the appropriate place then click on the ‘Insert More Tag’.

  • If you want to create a header text than just select the text then chose the desired Heading style.

  • To insert bulleted list just click on the Ordered List button.

  • To add the post to a Category just tick the desired category from the categories list.

  • You may add new category by clicking ‘Add New Category’ .

    RUN Command Window
    RUN Command Window

    Youtube Capture
    Youtube Capture
  • To add relevant tags just type in the Tags in the Tags box.

  • To save the post just click on ‘Save Draft’ anytime.

  • To insert an image to the post, just click on the ‘Add an Image button.

  • You may add/embed YouTube video into your WordPress post simply copy the embed code from YouTube and paste it into your post in ‘HTML’ View.

  • Save the post frequently

  • Always preview the post before publishing to make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to look.

  • Check spelling.

  • Do a proof reading and fix the grammatical errors if any.

  • Use the ‘All in all SEO’ WordPress plugin to optimize the post for search engines.

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