What is the Daily limit of Sending Email Messages through Gmail?

What is the Daily limit of Sending Email Messages through Gmail?

There are many limitations of Google or Gmail like attachment’s maximum size is 25 MB and the total storage limit for a free Gmail account is 15 GB.

Gmail is also have the limit for sending messages through your Gmail account in a day. If you send more mails exceed that limit, your Gmail account may temporary disable without any warning and your account will regain after 24 hours. Since, the Gmail is not designed for sending bulk email.

You have to read some rules so that your account will not lock down.

Email Messages
Email Messages
  1. You may send emails upto 500 recipients per day
  2. If you send emails exceeds 500 recipients, your Gmail account may get temporary disabled and you will get error message “Gmail Lockdown in Section 4.”
  3. When you access Gmail via POP or IMAP clients, you may send emails upto 100 people at a time.
  4. If you exceed that limit, your account may be disabled for a day and you will receive an error message – “S50 5.4.S daily sending quota exceeded.”
  5. Your Gmail account may get disabled if your email message contains a large amount of non-existent or broken address that bounce back on failed delivery.

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