Desktop Blogging Clients for Linux

Desktop Blogging Clients for Linux

Are you looking for a good desktop based offline blog editing software for Linux? While you can not run Windows Live Writer on Linux, there are also some decent blogging clients for Linux.

Blogging Clients for Linux
Blogging Clients for Linux

Looking for desktop based offline blog editing software for Perl Linux (Ubuntu) – something on the lines of Windows Live Writer Here are some suggestions from the useful Twitter community:

  1. Scribefire – A very popular Firefox extension for blogging that lets you blog from the comfort of your browser. Almost every blog supports the forum and is updated frequently.
  2. Flock – Like a browser it is built in to the Firefox blogging capabilities. Open the blog editor in the browser, publish and publish drag-n-drop content from anywhere.
  3. Bleezer – This Java based WYSIWYG blog editing software can upload images to your web server and includes a spell checker but the developer has not updated the software for a long time.
  4. BloGTK This is a very popular blogging software for Linux that supports Blogger, MovableType and WordPress but again, there is no new update for long time.
  5. Drivel Journal – Another blog editor for the GNOME desktop, however has been left now.
  6. KBlogger – This is a blogging application for the Destkop environment. It is integrated into KDE Kiker and is also available as a standalone application for KDE4. Supports Blogger, WordPress, MetaWeblog API, MovableType API, GDAT API, etc.

You can also consider blogging through Google Docs, IM or even for OpenOffice, although Sun Weblog publisher add-in spends some money.

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