What to Do When a Device is Not Properly Installed?

What to Do When a Device is Not Properly Installed?

When you connect a new device to your computer, Windows automatically notifies you if it tries to install it for you and can not find the driver for the device.

Many things you can try are:

Make sure your computer is connected to the internet and automatic updates are on

To be able to search online for a device’s driver, your computer must be connected to the Internet for Windows.

To see if your computer is connected to the Internet, open your web browser and try to reach the website.

If you are temporarily disconnected, like if you are traveling with a laptop, wait until you are online again, and then try to restore your device.

When a Device is Not Properly Installed?
When a Device is Not Properly Installed?

Windows can not check the latest drivers, unless automatic updates are turned on.

Most people automatically update themselves when using Windows for the first time.
But if you are not sure that you have done it, you should check to make sure it’s turned on.

Be sure to select the option to include the recommended updates, or Windows will install only critical updates.

Important updates provide significant benefits, such as better security and reliability.

But recommended updates may include drivers for some of your devices.

For more information, see Automatic updates on or off and get drivers and updates for your devices automatically.

Manually check drivers on Windows Update

If you have not turned on automatic updates, or when you connect a new device to your computer, you were not connected to the Internet.

You should check to see if Windows can now find a driver for your device is.

Even if your computer is always connected to the internet, even if some of your hardware is not working properly, then you should check for Windows Update for alternative updates.

New updates are often updated in alternative updates.

Windows Update does not automatically install automatic updates, but it will notify you when it finds something and allows you to choose whether to install them or not.

To check for Windows updates for drivers

  1. Click to open Windows Update.

  2. In the left pane, click Check for Updates, and then wait while your computer sees the latest updates for your computer.

  3. If there are any available updates, to see more information about each update, click the link in the box under Windows Update. Each type of update can include drivers

  4. Select the updates that you want to install the page, see updates for your hardware devices, select the check box for each driver that you want to install, and then click OK. There may be no driver updates available.

  5. On the Windows Update page, click Install Updates, if you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or confirm.

Windows Update tells you that an update is important, recommended or optional. For more information, see Understanding Windows Automatic Updates.

Some updates require you to restart your computer.

Windows Update will tell you whether the updates were installed successfully.

Install the software for the device

If Windows Update is unable to find a driver for your device, try checking the manufacturer’s website for drivers or other software for the device.

If your device comes with a software disk, then that device may contain software needed to properly work your device, but first look at the manufacturer’s website for the latest software and drivers.

If you are not getting a new software or driver for your device on the manufacturer’s website, then try to include the disc that comes with the device and then follow the instructions for installing the software.

Pay Attention

Many drivers come with software that installs drivers for you (often called a self-installation package), but you may have to install some drivers manually. For more information, see Update a driver for hardware that does not work properly.

If your suggestion does not work well after your efforts, then your device may not be available for your device. In this situation, try contacting the device manufacturer.

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