How I Disabled Microsoft Keyloggers on Windows 10

How I Disabled Microsoft Keyloggers on Windows 10

If you are reading this post, it probably means that you are a very secret person who does not really like to be monitored or does not like to show your every activity to others. Well, if you such people are you and you are using the latest Microsoft Windows 10 on your PC, so you have two news, bad news and good news, which you want to hear first?

Microsoft Keyloggers
Microsoft Keyloggers

Bad news, okay!

The latest Microsoft Windows 10 comes with a feature that spies on you. Yes, it comes with the keylogger that monitors when you type, read your calendar to know your programs. Sometimes you can take a screenshot of what you are doing. The truth is that I do not know why Microsoft enabled this feature in its latest Windows 10 because I think it violates the privacy of users. Wait before you hear the good news before boiling.

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Microsoft has made it possible for you to disable Inbuilt Keyloggers via easy steps. Is not this a good news?

So how can you disable keyloggers in Microsoft Windows 10?

  1. Go to the Start menu and click Settings to open it.

  2. Then, scroll to privacy and then click to open

  3. As soon as the menu opens, scroll to normal. Click on it to open

  4. On the General sub menu, you will see an option

Who says, “Send information about Microsoft to write about how to help improve typing and writing in the future.” Send Microsoft information on how to write to help improve typing and writing features. Just turn it off.

  1. However, on privacy menu pages, ‘Speech, Inking and typing ‘, then select’ Stop getting to know me .’

 “This will help you stop speech tracking through dictation or Cortana.

So did this, Wiley! Microsoft will no longer know what we’re typing. Is not it better?

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