Your Earnings from Google AdSense Earning are About to Dip

Your Earnings from Google AdSense Earning are About to Dip

You have seen the 300 × 250 rectangular Google AdSense ad unit. Ideally this ad should show 3-4 different ads to an ad unit, but there is probably not a sufficient list and therefore, whatever you see there is 1 ad anywhere near the center of the rectangle. When a website visitor rotates the mouse over it.

Google Adsense Earning-Ad Unit-300x250 Rectangle
Google Adsense Earning-Ad Unit-300×250 Rectangle

When a website visitor catches the mouse over this Google ad block, the cursor changes from an indicator into hand and it can click anywhere within the rectangle to go to the advertiser’s website.

However, this will change soon because Google has redefined the definition of a single click.

Now for a visitor to make money, the publisher (you) will need to click the title or URL of the Google advertisement.

Going back to the screenshot, only clicks made in red area will be considered legitimate, while the Yellow Zone will not be clickable. In the current AdSense ad formats, the entire block (both red and yellow) is clickable.

A site visitor who is really interested in the advertiser’s site has to move his mouse cursor over the red mouse to go to the external website. This can reduce overall click through rates and you can see lower earnings, but it’s a good thing for both publishers and advertisers for a long time.

Google says that there is similar functionality for ads appearing on the main website of, but there is a small difference – only the title is clicked on the Google homepage, but for the adsense ads on the publisher’s website , both the title and the advertiser’s website URL will be clickable.

To clarify some of the upcoming questions, this means that only the clicks on the headline or URL of the text ad will take users away from your page, register as a click in your account, and as a result the advertiser will be charged. Now clicking on the whitespace of an advertisement will not do anything. We will have more information about this change in the upcoming AdSense blog post.

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