How to embed Tables and Spreadsheets in Webpages?

How to embed Tables and Spreadsheets in Webpages?

There are mainly two ways to embed tables and spreadsheets in Web pages.

  1. Standard <Table> HTML tag

  2. Google Spreadsheets

However, HTML tables are easy and SEO friendly while spreadsheet based tables are allow better formatting option and easy to update but not SEO friendly.

Embed Tables-How to Embed Tables
Embed Tables-How to Embed Tables

How to create an HTML table?

You have to go to and now enter the table in the following manner where each column is separated by a pipe(1) and hyphens(-)

Show the table headings

  1. Column A| Column B

  2. …………….. | …………….

  3. Cell A1 | Cell B1

  4. Cell A2 | Cell B2

Now, you have to give a name to this table like and then click the ‘Create Secret Gist” Button.

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Once you click the save button, the gist will show the visual table which you can copy-paste into any rich-text editor. You can right –click the table on Github and choose impact element to view the actual HTML tags for that table.

Note : – Tableizer is also a simple tool to convert the Spreadsheet data into HTML table code. You can create a table inside excel, copy the cells and Paste it inside tableizer. It will generate the HTML code that can be used on your blog or website.

How to embed Google Sheets in your Website?

You have to go to and you have to enter some data in the sheet and choose the publish to the web option from the file menu. Choose start publishing and google drive will offer you the IFRAME embed code for that particular sheet.

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