Facebook Shortcut Keys for Mozila Firefox

Facebook Shortcut Keys for Mozila Firefox

Are you know that the Serious users have the habit not to use Mouse or Touch pad while using their PC or Laptop. Well, mostly everyone uses Facebook and sometimes its quite annoying to use Mouse or Touch pad to click on notification, photo sharing and something else.

Don’t worry I will show you some amazing Facebook shortcut Keys for Facebook, which you can use to navigate through Facebook.

Mostly Facebook tasks such as Photo sharing, New Message, Privacy Setting etc. can be done with the help of Facebook Shortcuts Keys only.

Facebook Shortcut Keys
Facebook Shortcut Keys

Facebook shortcut Keys for Mozilla Firefox –

shift+alt+m new message
shift+alt+0 help center
shift+alt+1 homepage
shift+alt+2 profile page
shift+alt+3 manage friend list
shift+alt+4 message list
shift+alt+5 notification list
shift+alt+6 account setting
shift+alt+7 privacy setting
shift+alt+8 Facebook Fan Page
shift+alt+9 Facebook Term
shift+alt+? search box

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