FreeGate Proxy Control-Best Alternatives of UltraSurf

FreeGate Proxy Control-Best Alternatives of UltraSurf

I’m a big fan of Ultra Surf, but obviously it would be a bad idea to rely on a proxy tool. So I started hunting for some of the best possible ultrasound options. I got free gate proxy control, your freedom, zap and I tried and test them all. After my trial, I can say that Free Gate Proxy Control is the best ultrasound option at the moment.


How FreeGate is Best than UltraSurf?

I’m sure if you’re reading this post, then that means you’ve also tried many other proxy software. Ultrasurf has some features that I like always and it is a light weight and does not require much more / any configuration. And in the same way, FreeGate does not need any configuration. It is light weight proxy software and in addition to web proxy, this mobile proxy software also provides.

FreeGate is an independent and what you can expect from a free proxy device.

What is Freegate and How to Configure FreeGate?

So, before I start talking about this small piece of proxy tool, I’m sure we are in the same boat that this is the best alternator option.

Some time ago China blocked the blogspot and it does not matter that due to any reason, it has created problems for many bloggers for China and general users who surf the Internet for information.

The name of a company named DynaWeb has created a proxy software call “Free Gate Proxy Control“, which will allow you to easily access any blocked site by using FreeBet Proxy Server. This configuration panel will help you configure unblocking for some sites and all sites.

When you install FreeGate, it will also ask you to install a packet filter and this is useful for premium freezing users.


And its easy to use and the configuration part is automated in Internet Explorer and other browsers.

You only need IP and port number IP:

Port: 8580

Install this software and run it and rest it, you can also unblock websites like Facebook and other social networking sites.

Download FreeGate

You can also mention my second metho d when blocking  Facebook, MySpace, and unblocking a restriction:

  • Unblock websites using opera torch

  • Unblock websites using your freedom

Unblock websites using Ultra Surf

  • Proxy sites’ task list

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