How to Get Google Form Data in an Email Message?

How to Get Google Form Data in an Email Message?

When a user submits Google Form, you may have all entered form data sent to one or more recipients in a well formatted email message with Google Script.

Get Google Form Data in an Email Message
Get Google Form Data in an Email Message

Whether you need a “Contact me” form for your website or trying to create complex online surveys, Google Forms are an ideal tool. You can customize Google Forms with themes, forms are mobile-friendly and form data is automatically saved in Google Spreadsheets which can easily be exported in other formats such as PDF or CSV.

Unlike other voting software, Google Forms can accept unlimited responses and they are absolutely free. You can also schedule a Google Form to stop accepting the response after a given date. Although there is a limit.

As soon as people submit your online form, Google Forms can send email notifications, but the actual form data is not included in the email message as shown in the screenshot. You must open the relevant Google Spreadsheet, which is collecting form responses to see submitted data, which is not always a convenient option.

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If you want to receive Google Form data submitted in an email message, Google Script can help. As soon as a user submits the form, simple script will trigger, it reads the form values ​​entered by the user and sends them to your email address in an email message on the video.

Get Google Form Data in Email

Google scripts are available for free and premium versions to send form notification emails. The latter includes more facilities and you can also choose one-on-one support.

Features: Fee Premium

Works with Gmail and Google Apps Yes Yes

Personalize form email with logo and HTML formatting Yes

Do not send confirmation email to the form submiter Yes

Customize Email Subject and Message Body of Notification Email No Yes

Do not attach form data as PDF file Yes

Send form notifications to many email addresses Yes

Do not send form notification emails with any other Gmail alias Yes

Set as the form submitor’s address to submit an answer for notification email Yes

Installation Manual (PDF) Not Included Yes

Support Options No Email

forever free


You can purchase premium versions using your credit card or PayPal. It’s a flat one-time fee (not subscribed) and you can use the program for life. You get free technical support at email for 6 months.

Platinum Edition has all the features of Premium and includes 12+ support for phones, Skype or Google One-on-one support.

Refunds can be requested within 6 hours of purchase. If you have any questions, or need optimization, send an email to or visit our service page.

If you need to disable notifications, open the script editor again and choose Resources -> Current Script Trigger and delete the form trigger associated with the “submit form” action. one more thing. Google Forms do not allow file uploads, but you can use Google Script to allow anyone to upload files through a file as a person.

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