Gmail Language Filter to Block Foreign Emails

Gmail Language Filter to Block Foreign Emails

Learn how to reduce the flow of spam emails in your Gmail inbox with a simple language filter that blocks messages written in foreign languages.

Gmail Language Filter to Block Foreign Emails
Gmail Language Filter to Block Foreign Emails

If there is an email message in my Gmail Inbox that is not written in English, then it is likely that it is a spam because almost all of my contacts use the English language for email communication.

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All foreign language emails stored in a separate folder

Now Gmail has an uncontrolled search operator called Lang: To help you find messages in mailboxes written in different languages. For example, Lang: ru will show messages written in Russian, while Lang: zh or lang: zh-tw will return emails with Chinese text.

Unlike other Gmail search commands, the language search operator is not always right, but you can still help to remove most foreign language emails easily from the main inbox. To work for it, just install a filter like this:

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It may seem a bit confusing but it’s really quite easy – you ask Gmail to find all those messages that are not in your native language, apply a label to these messages, and then exclude them from the main inbox. Take away.

Here are the steps for creating a Gmail Language Filter in Gmail:

  1. Create a new filter in Gmail and copy-paste the following in the “Has Words:” field, but before that, please make sure that you remove the code for all the languages ​​that you usually use for communication are there.

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For example, if you receive emails in English and Hindi, simply delete lang: en and lang: hi from the list. See this page for the complete list of languages ​​that Google Earth can search for APIs.

  1. In the next step, say “Skip Inbox” (store it) and apply the “Foreign Spam” label. Your Gmail filter is now ready to catch spam. You can say “delete” instead of “archive”, but if any, then I prefer the option after catching false positive.

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Gmail’s built-in spam filtering technique is also great for handling foreign language spam, but this filter adds another layer of protection to the inbox so that you can spend a few teams cleaning all the junk goods.

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