Google AdSense Ads in RSS Feeds – First Impressions and Screenshots

Google AdSense Ads in RSS Feeds – First Impressions and Screenshots

Adsense for RSS Feeds Program is now live for FeedBurner publishers who allow you to monetize their RSS readers through your existing Google AdSense account.

Adsense for RSS feed program is now live for some publishers and Google has also shut down the FeedBurner advertising network in favor of AdSense.

Google Adsense Ads in RSS Feed
Google Adsense Ads in RSS Feed

* If you have subscribed to this RSS feed in a Google RSS feed or any news reader, then you may have seen new feed ads below each article.

Adsense ads are feasible in feeds and are available in banner (468 × 60) and medium rectangular (300 × 250) formats. They are probably a mix of CPC and CPM ads because you can either show text ads or image ads or a combination of both in your feed.

Here is a screenshot of the feed advertisement inside an article that was about search engine optimization – pay attention to the relevance of the ad.

Adsense publishers can choose how often ads should be shown in the feed and whether the ads should show in relatively few articles.

What’s different from FeedBurner, however, with Google AdSense, you can place ads on or below the feed item.

Here are two major advantages:

  1. Advertisements are relevant, very relevant and therefore publishers can see better returns.
  2. A large majority of FeedBurner advertisers targeted their advertising campaigns for American traffic so that publishers could not successfully monetize traffic from other countries. This will change with AdSense for Feeds because Google’s advertisers are almost everywhere.

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