Why does Google AdSense allow advertisements for ready websites?

Why does Google AdSense allow advertisements for ready websites?

Find something like ‘Home to work’, ‘Internet jobs in India’ or ‘make money’ on Google and you will get an advertisement to make easy money through the AdSense program. How real are these programs?

Find something like “work from home”, “internet jobs” or “earn money online” on Google and you will find an ad to pay easy money through the AdSense program.

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Google Adsense-Make Money with Google Adsense
Google Adsense-Make Money with Google Adsense

If you have ever tried AdSense on the site, then you probably know how hard it is to make the first dollar but these ads, which are amazingly working on the Google Network, things seem so simple, just a few Order an “Adsense Kit” for the dollar and the money will start rolling in.

So how do these “rich quick” schemes work?

I called the owner of GoogleCashSense.com – they do very heavy advertising on Google and here they told me about their program. The cost of the whole package is about Rs 1,100 and in return, they will provide you with a readymade website with 110 pages of content. Then you enter your AdSense Publisher ID in these pages and wait for others to click on your ads.

When I asked them if people could click on their ads, they had to “avoid it” or use another computer.

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They showed some websites to use the “Cash Sense” program –

www.websyite.com and


As an active web user, you probably will not believe any “promises” made by these plans, but the real people (and many of them) who actually hunt them.

And GoogleCash Sense is not the only player in the city – there are-

1. Netzbusin India.com,

2. GoogleCashCow.com,

3. eJobsJunction.com,

4. myGoogleMoney.com

and many other sites that use Google’s own AdWords network to make people their “Made Adsense For “kit.

Google Adwords-2
Google Adwords-2

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All duplicate testimonials and AdSense screen have similar websites. Google policies do not allow advertisements related to the promotion of “miracle cure”, then why not advertise for the “miracle cash” advertisement? True, you can not stop people from running such sites, but you can prevent them from using your ad network at least to promote your sites.

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