How to Handle Multiple Google Accounts?

How to Handle Multiple Google Accounts?

A Google Account gives you access to all Google Gifts, including AdSense, Analytics, Blogger, iGoogle, Gmail, Google Groups, Picasa, Web History, Google AdWords, Google Checkout, and more. But if you have more than one account open you can participate in problems.

How to Handle Multiple Google Accounts?
How to Handle Multiple Google Accounts?

Life can be complicated if you operate more than one Google Account and add different Google services with different accounts.

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For example, I have two Google accounts – one is affiliated with Google Analytics, AdSense and Blogger while my second Google Account is linked to Gmail, Google Doc and Calendar.

Now this is a problem because every time I open Google Docs or Gmail, I have to log out of Blogger or Google Analytics because they have different login credentials. It’s very tedious and unfortunately Google will not let you merge two different Google Accounts.

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If you are in the same situation as me, then something that you can do to reduce your login-logoff cycle:

Blogger: This is the trick that you can convert your blog into a team blog, but you still remain the only writer.

Go to Settings -> Permissions and type the email address associated with your other Google Account. In this way you will be able to create or edit blog posts, modify blog templates, accept comments, and do all other things using your Google account because both of the administrators enjoy privileges.

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Google Analytics: Like Blogger, Google Analytics allows you to add new users with administration accounts.

Go to Access Manager inside Google Analytics and click on the “Add user” link – Change the access type to “Account Administrator” and you will be able to manage Analytics reports from a Google account.

Google Calendar: Go to settings -> Share this calendar. Add the email address of your second Google Account here and set the permission as “Manage changes and sharing” – then you can manage your Google Calendar from any account.

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Google Mail: Gmail offers a useful Mail Fetcher feature that automatically downloads emails from one Gmail inbox to another.

You can set up this Mail Fetcher for a Gmail address associated with your secondary Google Account and you can check the email even when you are not logged into your primary Gmail Inbox.

In the case of Google AdSense, I have set up some CSV reports that are delivered every morning in my inbox, so I do not need to manually check my AdSense earnings.

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Now the above moves do not apply to all Google services (like Reader, Google Docs, Google Maps, etc.), so you would like to see this Firefox Hack – Manage multiple identities without closing logging.

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