How Professional Blogging Is Different From Hobby Blogging?

How Professional Blogging Is Different From Hobby Blogging?

How do you earn money from your blog?

This is one of the most common questions I have asked, and if you are a blogger who has publicized the fact that money is less than your BLOG, then this is also true for you.

How Professional Blogging Is Different From Hobby Blogging?
How Professional Blogging Is Different From Hobby Blogging?

If you are a hobby blogger and looking at an income report, like I publish on my blog monthly, you can think of yourself what is the difference between your blog and other blogs that are making money.

To understand this concept, you need to understand that there is a difference between your professional blog with a professional, money-making blog.

In this guide, you will learn the most basic and important aspects of professional blogging, which can change the way your blog is viewed forever.

Hobby blogging is different from blogging for money?

One thing is common for most bloggers that they started as Hobby bloggers. In fact, when I started my journey as a blogger, I started myself as a hobby blogger!

If I have to describe a hobby blogger, then it will be the person who writes about many topics – someone who blogs about anything and everything. There is no set of rules on such blogs and there are no subject boundaries, and this is probably the best way to jump in the field of blogging. After all, it is often how we discover our passion.

Most hobby bloggers started a blog that they know, to share their thoughts, philosophies or ideas, or just to flirt over different issues. Hardly would you find a blogger worrying about issues like SEO, optimum site design, etc., which is the most important reason for the blogger, how many people are reading their blogs, or how many visits they are getting.

Does this sound like your story? If so, you are a hobby blogger.

A hobby blogger’s life changes when he realizes that making money from a blog is possible. Bloggers who are being started on the money-making front are usually started with advertising networks such as Google AdSense, Chitika, BidVertiser etc. Once they start making some cents, then on their blog His attitude changes completely.

This is usually how a hobby blogger moves to the door of professional blogging. Soon the question arises, “How can I earn money that are building other established bloggers?”

Even when I saw an established blogger’s excellent income report, even then, I entertained this question (and sometimes I still do!).

So what are these bloggers doing different ways to earn passive income from their blogs?

Let’s take a look at the properties that separate a blogger from a professional blogger.

The ability of blogs to earn money:

Before I share these important qualities, I would like to know that most established, A-list, popular bloggers started their blogging journeys as hobby bloggers, like you have. And like you, later in the journey they discovered different ways of earning money from a blog.

In this way, most bloggers understand the importance of blogging strategically rather than blogging on random topics.

Since you and I are on the same page, let’s look forward and what you have to do to change your hobby blog into a blog making quality money.

Blog’s niche:

The blog’s niche (topic) is one of the main factors involved in converting any blog to a blog that earns money. If you are a person who is blogging on themes like wallpapers, jokes, SMS, movie news etc., you can see a lot of traffic, but there is less chance of making money.

There is a point on which the business aspect of the topic you want to write about comes into play. For example, a blog that is about business topics such as health, education, marketing, business or finance, earns more money than blogs elsewhere. That’s because many advertisers who are willing to spend millions of dollars on advertising these commercial niches each month.

Take away:

Select a topic that has a commercial value. To confirm the business value of a topic, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner tool or SEMRUSH to see the CPC (cost per click) of any topic (keyword).

In the above example, you can see how the recommended bid increases with different topics.

It should not be the criterion to choose only a niche, but there is at least one good way to check the commercial value of any subject that is interested in you for blogging professionally.

Writing for target audience:

Running random traffic on your blog will never help you. If you are someone who writes a blog post and shares it on your Facebook profile, or who gives messages to others to read and comment, then it will not take you anywhere.

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