How to Add Google Talk to Your Website?

How to Add Google Talk to Your Website?

Although this Google Chatback badge is going to be one year old, but many of my readers do not know about this feature. The Google Chatback badge allows you to embed the Google Talk client on your website.

How to Add Google Talk to Your Website?
How to Add Google Talk to Your Website?

There are many other premium live chat software, like Google Talk chatback, but it’s free and the quality of this service is amazing. If you are one of those webmasters who offer services and need to take direct customer calls and queries, then you should consider adding Google’s point of view to the website.

It is very useful for webmasters who want to connect with the readers of the website, and the best part is that your ID or your own identity will not be exposed.

When a user clicks the Chatback link on your web page, you will receive a message from to chat with users, and once you click on the link, you can use it with your visitors. Can do to chat.

Yahoo also has a similar feature that lets you embed Yahoo on your web page that you can use to talk to your users.

If you think that you can connect it to users, you can use it for productivity and you can take online feedback about your website.

This feature is very good for new bloggers, which can take feedback from users there and thereby take feedback from users to improve website / blog.

Making and embeding chats is very easy for your website and it can be done in a few easy steps.

Follow the given link and create a badge for your website and insert the code into your template, try keeping the badge small and in a situation where the user can easily connect with you.

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