How to Do More with Youtube?

How to Do More with Youtube?

1: Drag YouTube videos to fit the browser window, better than full screen – Full screen option – Resize auto video youtube video player to fit the browser window.

2: Most Creative Flickr and YouTube Search Engine – When you type a keyword, the oscope pulls the thumbnail images of results and arranges them on the screen, just like the deck playing cards spread in the physical table.

Youtube-Do More with Youtube
Youtube-Do More with Youtube

3: Download YouTube videos directly as iTunes MOV or MP 3 files

4: How To Upload Youtube Videos From Cell Phones

5: You can do interesting things with YouTube or Google Video

6: Upload video to YouTube using email or mobile phone

7: How to view FLV video on desktop – Adobe Media Player can play FLV video in full screen mode too.

8: Like a YouTube download manager Real Video Player 11 – When you rotate the mouse over a YouTube player, Orbit adds a small button – Click the button to download a video or song on your hard drive.

9: Think you’re addicted to YouTube videos? Take a quick test – Dan Meth has created a wonderful 3 minute animated video, which probably presents all YouTube clips that have run viral so far.

10: Now you can copy YouTube clips directly to the Facebook video – Videos will be streamed through the Facebook server, not on YouTube. Each video can be up to 10 minutes and as big as 200 MB.

11: New! Watch YouTube videos in fast forward mode, buffer anywhere – Google has quietly not added any buffer feature in the YouTube video player – just click anywhere in the red player bar and the video will start buffering from that position, not from the beginning.

12: Change the thumbnail image of your YouTube video, go viral – still a thumbnail photo, which is visible in the YouTube player when the video clip is loaded, usually the center frame of that video.

13: Blip.TV is much better than YouTube for uploading online videos – won a huge margin on YouTube because Blip supported most of the video formats, there was no limit on file sizes, and the original as opposed to YouTube Maintaining video quality which resizes clip to 320 × 240

14: How to upload videos to YouTube if the access to the website is blocked – just create a mobile profile from a computer outside of the firewall and then email the video as an MMS message to YouTube.

15: Embed YouTube Flash Video in Facebook with HTML Box – Facebook recently added FB: Google Analytics for Google App developers to track usage through Google Analytics.

16: To capture YouTube videos from casio, digital still cameras – can record movies in the casio digital camera QuickTime format (mov / h.264), which are ready to upload to YouTube or any other video sharing website.

17: Copy videos directly from Google Video (or vice versa) to YouTube – In short, if you have a clip of YouTube that you want to transfer to MySpace, Google Video or DailyMotion account, Can easily do it! spread.

18: A Universal Uploader – a single desktop upload tool for YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and more – is a Firefox extension that allows you to upload and download videos, pictures, documents and other files from a common interface to the above mentioned websites.

19: The Real Video Player 11 can rip YouTube videos Want to try? – RealPlayer 11 can also be used as universal video player to watch videos in Flash, Windows Media, Real and Quicktime formats.

20: YouTube enters the living room – Take a May Backfire for Apple – Apple wants to watch live internet videos from YouTube on your big television screen via Apple TV.

21: Perfect Video Blogging Camera For Mom – Flip Video – Blogging Camcorder

22: YouTube accelerator loads youtube video very fast – when you are watching a video on YouTube, SpeedBit will open several connections for the video file hosted on YouTube server and will download video parts together so that you can make those videos The buffering problem is less likely to suffer.

23: Video Tour of Google Office and the Labish Parx – Google was recently voted as the best company to work for Fortune Magazine.

24: How To Slow Audio From YouTube Video – At, FLV Online Converter can take YouTube video url and you can provide a MP3 audio file of youtube video.

25: Convert PowerPoint Presentations to iPod or YouTube Video – Keep PPT Presentation as a Video in Your iPod –

26: YouTube removed a video? See it with a deleted YouTube video viewer

27: The easiest way to save YouTube videos: Kiss the address bar

28: How to play YouTube videos easily on your computer – Open the YouTube page and press the Pause button immediately on the YouTube player.

29: Link video from YouTube and Google Video with Lycos Mix – Lycos Mix is ​​a free video bookmarking service where you choose favorite videos from YouTube, Google or MySpace and provide a general playlist from a central place.

30: How to upload DVD movies to YouTube videos – Hand brake software can convert DVD video to MPEG4 (MOV, MP3) compatible video files in a few clicks.

31: How to burn a YouTube video on a DVD – How can you burn one or more video DVDs without spending a single penny.

32: Google Test Adsense Gadgets – Embedded Youtube Player in Adsense Advertising – is an embedded YouTube player in the AdSense gadget that offers four videos of Gmail Theater ads directly from YouTube.

33: Make YouTube’s YouTube Wall with Zimose – Zimoz is like a drawing canvas (they call it a postcard) where you can also drag-n-drop elements with text, photos or even YouTube videos. .

34: Create an audio CD of music video hosted on YouTube

35: Share only the interesting part of YouTube video – just type in the YouTube video url, select the view that you want to share using visual markers or manually save and save the manframe.

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