How to Make Phone Numbers Callable in Google Sheets?

How to Make Phone Numbers Callable in Google Sheets?

When you click on an email link on the webpage, it opens your default mail program. Similarly, you can make a phone number on your website “Callable”, which means that when someone clicks a phone number, it will launch the dialer on its mobile phone and start dialing the specified phone number.

How to Make Phone Numbers Callable in Google Sheets?
How to Make Phone Numbers Callable in Google Sheets?

It is recommended that you make phone numbers clickable because more and more people will be able to access your site on their mobile devices.

How to Include Clickable Phone Numbers in Web Pages

We use simple tail protocols to convert a plain text phone number to a clickable telephone link on a web page.

For example, if you click this link on a mobile phone, it will open the prefilled phone dialer with the specified number. Copy-paste numbers are not required.

How to type phone numbers in GOOGLE Sheets

Typing a phone number inside Google Spreadsheets is a bit difficult. Why here?

Phone numbers are mostly made up of digits before the plus (+) symbol. As soon as the problem is to add a plus sign to the spreadsheet cell, it assumes that you enter the math formula and try to calculate the value.

There are two simple functions for this problem. You can attach the phone number inside the double quotes (“) and you can already add it with equal (=) sign.

Using a single coat (‘) before the phone number is an easy choice. Google Sheets will consider the value of a cell as text and phone number formatting will be preserved.

How to click phone numbers in GOOGLE Sheets

For the main problem, how do you make phone numbers inside a Google Sheet clickable? The obvious answer is to use the = HYPERLINK () method with the protocol, unfortunately, Google Sheets does not support it.

So a formula such as = HYPERLINK (“tel: 12345”, “call me”) will not work because bed sheets will only allow regular http and mailto hyperlinks. Although there is a simple functioning.


You can create a regular hyperlink in the indicated cell on a website which in turn redirects to the actual telephone link. To view it in action, add before any phone number in Google Sheets and it will be converted to a clickable telephone link.

Suppose you have a phone number in cell A1. Add this simple form to any other cell and it will create a telephone link just like a regular webpage.

= HYPERLINK (“” and A1; “Call our support team”)

To get a better idea, open this phone number Google Sheet inside your Android or Sheet app of iPhone and try clicking on any phone link.

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