How to Monetize YouTube Video that Contains Music from Someone Else?

How to Monetize YouTube Video that Contains Music from Someone Else?

You uploaded a video to your YouTube channel but can not monetize it because you do not have commercial rights for the music used in the video.

Monetize Youtube Video
Monetize Youtube Video

To be eligible for YouTube’s monetization, there are strict guidelines for your video. For example, if you recorded a video of the crowd in the concert, the video clip can not be monetized on YouTube because you do not have audio rights. Similarly, if you create a photo slideshow using music purchased from iTunes, the video you do not own has been photographed but there are no commercial rights for audio.

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When you upload such a video to YouTube, it can either be removed for copyright infringement or to continue hosting YouTube videos, but all advertising revenue is shared with the music owner, not the video uploader.

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If there is a video on your YouTube channel that can not be monetized because you do not have music, then it is now an easy task. You can swap the background music of these videos with the royalty free music track from the YouTube Video Library and republish the video. As soon as you do, the video will be eligible for monetization.

Here are the steps involved.

Step 1: Go to Video Manager inside YouTube and select “Unauthorized” video from the drop-down. Alternatively, you can visit this link to view monetized pending all uploaded videos directly.

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Step 2: The gray icon indicates that the video is non-monetized. If this is an audio issue, then the fix is ​​simple. We will replace background music with another song that can be monetized. To do this, click the “Edit” button and select “Audio” from the drop-down.

Step 3: On the next screen, select any song from the YouTube Audio Library which is listed as “Ad-free and eligible for monetization” and places the audio in such a situation that it is on the entire video. Click the Save button to replace the original music in your video with the selected song.

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We have not done so since YouTube may take some time to mix new tracks with your existing video. Once you do this, go back to YouTube Video Manager and select the editing options for that video. Switch to the Monetization tab and select the usage policy. Save changes and you can now monetize that video as your other YouTube videos.

The only limitation is that you can choose from the track available only inside the YouTube Audio Library, you can not upload your own music or voice descriptions for the vide.

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