The HTML Codes You Need to Know to Write on the Web

The HTML Codes You Need to Know to Write on the Web

Here are 10 HTML codes for common punctuation that you should know to look elegant, professional and typographically correct for your web writing.

The computer keyboard creates a “dumb” punctuation that may not be acceptable in printed work but is common on web pages. It outputs directly to quotation marks (“), while your writing may require curly quotation. You can type hyphen using only the keyboard, while M or N dash has made your text more elegant and professional.

HTML Codes
HTML Codes

HTML units for punctuation

HTML code for punctuation

There is a lack of keys to insert the correct punctuation marks in your keyboard but there are simple HTML character codes, which are on units that you can use to copy the typography of printed books on the Web. Here’s a quick guide to using HTML code to put typographic-correct punctuation in web writing.

Hyphens (-)

Hyphenes, or semi-dashes, are usually used to be included in two or more words. You can type directly a hyphen without using any HTML code.

  • The next-generation iPhone is expected to be available in mid-September.
  • There is no hyphen in the email but there is one inside e-book and e-commerce.

Dash (- -)

Dashes come in two sizes: Anne Dash (-) and Em Dash (-). An dash is longer than a hyphen but is smaller than AM dash.

Anne Dash (& ndash;) is used to suggest a series of numbers like time duration, sports score or page series.

  • Our bank is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-8p.m.
  • Players are disappointed after losing 3-1 to Spain
  • Abraham Lincoln (180 9-1865) was the 16th President of the United States.

M Dash (& mdash;) is used to separate a series of words within quotes or phrases in sentences, to indicate breaks or punctures in sentences.

  • If we have approved the visa then we are planning to go to London this summer.
  • Three of my friends – John, Peter and Richards – are going to New York.
  • “Well done well.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Ellipsis (…)

An ellipsis (& hellip;) is a series of three points (period) and two spaces and they are used to leave one or more words in the quoted content. If the oval follows a complete sentence, then end that period with a period, place it in one place, then after a place ellipsis (…).

  • “The whole world is a stage, and all men and women are only players …” – Shakespeare
  • “I have a dream … their decision will not be with the color of their skin, but with the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Excerpt and Apostrophes (” ”)

Your computer keyboard makes direct quote (or dumb quote), though you really need to use smart quotes (or curly quotes) that can be easily written in HTML. The stupid quotes are best used to write programming code.

To point to irony or to write the title of creative works, use the double quotation marks (& ldquo; and & rdquo;) to identify the exact words of a person.

  • The last episode of “Friends” was the most watched program of the year.
  • Thorau said that “that government is the best that governs at least”.
  • They missed the “Toy Safety” button because they included the main color.

Use single quotes (& lsquo; and & rsquo;) to indicate quotation within quotes. The right curly quotation mark (& rsquo;) can also be used directly for astrophysis rather than astrophysicism.

  • John said, “I told him, ‘traffic will only get worse.'”
  • His answer was, “I’ll call you next hour”.

Prime (‘ “)

While we often use astrophysics (‘) or quotation marks to indicate units of measure (such as feet or seconds or degrees), the right symbol is prime, which is probably written as a bit slot quote and prime; (Single) and Prime Minister; (Double).

  • The height of this Ferrari car is 47’8 “
  • I am currently at 27 degrees 11 ’45 .315 “N, 78 degrees 1 ‘27.1668” W.

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