How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills and Become a Doer?

How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills and Become a Doer?

Do I see fat in this dress?

Should I continue this relationship?

Should I Buy or Rent an Apartment?

How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills
How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

We are sharing with many decisions on everyday basis. To make many decisions and yet we do not have to face a recession on a particular decision. People are given their likes, they make their own decisions and live with it, but there should be a better way of doing this, which has progressed in progressive science, research and psychological studies.

Daniel Kannmann, a completely psychologist who is the Nobel Prize in Economics and the author of Thinking for Fast and Slow, “The notable aspect of his mental life is that you are rarely stumped”.

We either make decisions through determination or analysis, but very few people are less on opinion and advice. Decision making skills are an essential element of human life to succeed in both life and business. Although there are some decisions which do not have any major impact over the long term, some people have a serious effect on the basis of decisions made in a few minutes.

How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills 

Why do the skills of making decisions?

Before we learn about improving your decision-making skills, there are some statistics below that can leave you stumped.

  • 44% lawyers will recommend that a young person will not pursue a career in law.

  • 40% of senior citizens pushed out, failed or left within 18 months.

  • 60% of business executives have said that bad decisions are just a good part

  • Tope CEO Topi Hassih once estimated that his bad deeds spent more than $ 100 million on the company.

Before you come to the code that the bad decisions are just part of life and there is nothing about them besides moving forward, there are some things to succeed and succeed in life and business. The following are the five ways that you can work on your decision-making skills so that there is a positive impact on your life and business.

Awareness is not enough, process cases

Understanding our shortcomings is not enough to fix them, to solve this issue, any kind of process or approach should be established. When we are given a certain scenario and our decisions are asked, we quickly weigh the pros and cons of such a decision and reach the conclusions based on this. This is one of the most intense ways to make this decision, although one of the faulty Benjamin Franklin was one of the earliest adoptive systems of such a system, which he advised to a fellow friend in a difficult companion-related situation. One way to make better decisions is to find alternate possibilities, different points of view.

Although the weight of professionals and opposition can be considered as a better decision-making process, but it is defective if the weight components are not taken into consideration. Most of our decisions are circulating around monetary problems and in this case, the scale is tip in its favor. While you may be fully aware of the current situation, even then such decisions are a better way of weighing the pros and cons and those who congratulate each other, cancel them. While decisions and choices in the game are based on more intuitive skills and rely on someone’s courage, such decisions rarely prove to be worthwhile in life and business. It is not to say that relying on someone’s courage and intuitive is the surest way of making a wrong decision, when you remember the big picture in this process, it is the biggest possibility of being wrong.

Get rid of the confirmation bias

From the beginning of 1960, a series of experiments and psychological studies have concluded the presence of ‘confirmation base’ in relation to human decision making process. People have a lot of opinion about their decisions and knowledge. When presenting a scenario to make decisions, people collect all possible figures and evidence that will support their beliefs. Humans often do not like the perception of their beliefs, which they are questioned by a foreigner. In such a situation, people only have to make decisions based on pre-existing beliefs.

To take neutral decisions is to achieve a difficult skill, but it is one of the skills necessary to make the right decisions for your life and business. The evidence supports the evidence collected for the study of confirmation bias that people resort to a favorite collection of information that supports their beliefs, completely ignoring the facts and evidence based on a completely specific circumstance. Used to be. There is a rule of statistics, ‘correlation does not mean the reason’, which means that the link between the two events does not indicate that there is a direct reason for another occurrence.

Expand your viewpoint

Most incorrect decisions are the result of more confidence and net negligence. Being a narrow mind is the biggest reason people make the wrong decisions in life and business. Ignoring the possibility of other situations and events helps in reducing your current situation, which gives rise to poor decisions, there is a way to improve your decision while reducing your options, resulting in millions of others Potential possibilities should not be below.

The phenomenon of the expansion of your approach can be explained by the example of stage spotlight. The book is fully explained, decisive: how to make better choices in life and work, the authors know how your options expand, is a great way to make good decisions in life and business. When you consider the light of a stage, then you focus on the objects that come under the light, changing the headlines is a great way to explore the other possibilities and unaware circumstances that you consider or May fail to ignore.

Remove yourself from decision

Do not Feed Your Feelings Decision based on current emotions is a surefire way of making terrible decisions only in your life or business. When deciding with anger, crime, revenge or any other human spirit, remember that reconsider the decision to remove yourself from this decision. Separate yourself from the emotion related to decision making and reconsider the decision you were working on. In his memoirs, Andrew Grove, former CEO of Intel Andrew Grove, says how his most difficult dilemma restored Intel as the leader of consumer electronics microprocessor maker in 1985.

When Japanese memory makers, Andrew Grove and Gordon Moore face tough competition, they decided to focus on ending their memory production and building electronics microprocessors. He said that this decision was taken by asking a question, “If our successors are fired, what will our successors do?” And they went to do so. Remind yourself of the decision and the feelings associated with it will give clear insight into the process of decision making.

No one is right, nor is there any decision

A decision made is in the event or is a combination of different incidents and statistics which it is going to support or support. Keeping in mind the possibilities of making a wrong decision, there is a way to make a great improvement in your decision-making skills. Nobody knows what the future is and the likelihood of a bad event is likely to be a phenomenon of just a positive event. Given the common possibility of both good and bad events, it is considered as a discipline that should be mastered to make better decisions, which make the decision no regret in the mind of the creator and leave the crime.

In making decisions, the author Rousseau and Schoemer detected the ‘possible speech’ situation. Future Hindsight is likely to have a special event in the future, about last time work and current event, which will respond to such an event. Considering the upper and lower books of their decisions and their results, it is a great work to make regret and criminal free decision in life and business.


Although some common methods of intimacy, intestinal tendency, and weight loss for professionals, people decide, these are some tips that help you make better decisions in life and business. At the end of the day, nobody is right and no excel spreadsheet or any analysis can predict the future accurately, the world is not so difficult.

Bad decisions have damaged relationships and destroyed many businesses. For a better life and business, make sure you consider the suggestions given above to work on your decision.

What do you think about making a decision? Which method has worked for you? Shout your thoughts and comments down.

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