Indian Professional Bloggers – Gems of India

Indian Professional Bloggers – Gems of India

Professional blogging is not such a common job profile in India, and there are some bloggers in India who are doing professionally.

Amit Agrawal-Founder of Professional Bloggers - Gems of India
Amit Agrawal-Founder of Professional Bloggers – Gems of India

Over the last 2 years, the number of bloggers from India has increased considerably, and a large pool of Indian youth guns is feeling the power of blogging for their passive income.

Most Indian pro bloggers started between 2007-2009, and the most common topic is Technology. Another interesting thing to note is that most of these supporters are Google AdSense‘s main source of income.

20 Indian ProBloggers You Should Know:

First of all for these Indian bloggers made in this list, and to take the risk of rejecting your daily job, and start something yourself. Leaving a comfortable office job and diving into the world of blogging is not easy, which is full of uncertainty.

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These Indian bloggers are not only the gems of the country, but also the source of inspiration for all future bloggers in the Indian field.

While compiling this list, I have only listed those Indian bloggers who are relying on bread and butter on their blog, and they do not have any other full time job.

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This list contains 20 Indian bloggers, and is divided into two parts. If you are publishing this infographic again on your blog, make sure that you publish both infographics to complete your blog post.

Here are those people who have made the list of Indian pro-bloggers:

  • Amit Agarwal – Agra
  • Harsh Agarwal – New Delhi
  • Clinton Jeff – New Delhi
  • India Nagpal – New Delhi
  • Abhishek Bhatnagar – New Delhi
  • Abhijit Mukherjee – New Delhi
  • Rohit Khurana – New Delhi
  • Anshul Tiwari – New Delhi
  • Raju PP – Bangalore
  • Tarun PK-Mumbai
  • Arun Prabhudesai – Pune
  • Srinivasa Tamada – Chennai
  • Pradeep Kumar – Chennai
  • Ashish Sinha – Bangalore
  • Tony John – Kochi
  • Manish Chauhan – Pune
  • Jaspal Singh – Jaipur
  • Amit Bhavani – Hyderabad
  • Ashish Mohata – Kolkata
  • Jane Sheba – Chennai

These are 20 professional bloggers from India, and there are others.

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If you are a blogger from India, then join the Indian bloggers meet the group to find and meet other bloggers in your city.


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