What to Do Before Installing Software on your PC?

What to Do Before Installing Software on your PC?

Installing a software is not as simple as it seems. Do you know about installing any software, not all about consent, next, and install? If you are a type of person who makes it in habit, you have to stop it very long before I had a side effect on my PC, I was once a junkie.

 What to do before installing a Software on your PC? 

Software Installation on Your Computer
Software Installation on Your Computer

 If you are planning to install any software, then it is necessary to take precautions before installing any software on your PC.

1. Software Requirement – 

Do you also want to install software, try to avoid unnecessary software installation, if you have many useless software on your computer, you are not good, on many software, you can prove as a Geek ! When the man was still a man, I do a lot to showcase my desktop but now I should advise someone to stop the crap and save the place for the people.

2. Software Compatibility –

Software Program-Make Your Own Software
Software Program-Make Your Own Software

 If the software is needed, okay! But what is the software you have to install with your computer, some people like? But Hmm, to protect your computer, you need to check the compatibility with your computer. Imagine that you want to install software on 32bits running computer, if it is available 32bits in any way going for 64bits.

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3. Disk Space Availability

 Before proceeding with the installation of your software, check available disk space, there are some special programs that are necessary to operate large disk space and not just games, some technical software also does. Although the software can be struggling when installed on a limited space available on your hard disk, but has a clear side effect, you will experience what is decreasing or slowing your computer.

4. Duplicate Software Check

When I say duplicate software, I mean, actually installing a software does not mean the same purpose, but the software is contradictory on one another. We all know that installing the same computer on a single computer twice It is impossible to install before uninstalling it. Installing software serving the same purpose, but there is no crime of various features, but this matter is not the same as some software.

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5. Software Review

To install on your computer, care for downloading or collecting any software, especially one that looks for free, we all love for free, this is a fact, but you do not want to Download the software or it is already on your system that you do not know about or its security, go online and read reviews in the software bar. Security considerations.

6. Software Guidelines

Either you agree or not, software developers know more about the software you have made, they are the one who develops the software so that the signal can be made available, like the guidelines, they will tell you how to go to the software about.

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7. Additional Installation

To avoid installing unnecessary programs on your computer, be careful, install software, some software is not only WakA-AIT, they come with other pre-selected programs, if not taken care of and you Click Next, of course, you accept the proposal to install the program, this browser browser bar can also be.

8. Custom Installation –

Contrary to the discussion of the previous case, some software has more than one program that the developer tells you, Microsoft Office is the example of software such as Microsoft Office and Corel Draw, in which you have a lot of programs in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point and some other but do you have this software to install all programs in it Stalls are?

9. Installation Location

Always recommend to install your programs in the default operating system disc, usually C: drive to avoid problems, that is why you need to check the disk availability I do not think you have to partition your software Why install.

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So, if you really love and care about your computer, you must keep in mind all of these before installing any party program on your computer

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