Interesting Features of Google Talk

Interesting Features of Google Talk

1: Is your Google Talk Friends too long and unmanageable? – How to manage your long list of friends in Google Talk.

Interesting Features of Google Talk
Interesting Features of Google Talk

2: Send scraps to Orkut friends using Google Talk; Open Windows directly from orkut profile – To link your Google Talk and Orkut account, go to the Orkut Settings tab and enable Google orkut to chat with your orkut friends.

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3: Google Talk Friends: Do not let strangers know their online status – Google Talk considers that person your friend and automatically adds them to your contact list.

4: Connect Skype to Google Talk with Festoon Unity – Festoon is a free Skype plugin that lets Skype users call people on Google Talk and vice versa.

5: GTICC Conferencing Chat to connect with multiple Gmail friends – An easy way to group chat with multiple Gmail contacts inside the same GTIC window.

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6: Find Alexa Rank of any website using Google Talk – commands, like Tracerout and Ping, can be executed with GTICCock except for this.

7: Recover Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! Or Windows Live password – MessenPass is a free password cracking tool that will easily reveal your AOL password, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, MSN or any other instant messenger client.

8: Convert long, complex web addresses into small URLs – Web addresses often on places like Google Maps,, Expedia, eBay auctions, or even Google Search are often long, esoteric and memorable Are impossible.

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9: Run Google Talk in the Firefox Sidebar – To add Google Talk to your Firefox sidebar, bookmark the following URL.

10: Get a blog alert with Zaptext on Skype or Google Talk – While Google blog alerts monitor the entire blogosphere for your keywords, ZapTXT tracks only those blogs / websites you want.

11: Use Google Calendar, WordPress, Blogger from any IM client – Once you open an account, any text you send to your new friend IM, messages will automatically be sent to Blogger, Google Calendar, Remember that milk is added to relevant service like basecamp or 30 boxes.

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12: Turn on Google Talk in an internet radio station without any software; Play live music from your PC – Playing live music for your valentine (and friends) using Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other IM software.

13: Use Google Talk with Twitter – Spy is fun! – You can use Twitter with Google Talk directly without paying the fees for sending those international SMSes.

14: Google Talk Offline Message FAQ – To receive offline messages, your GTalk friends will have to enable chat history in their account.

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15: Record Google Talk Call or Yahoo Messenger Voice Chat with SOLICULT – Utility lets you record audio conference calls to any IM client, and it also reduces unwanted background noise during your voice chat, in which voice quality Improves.

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